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Thread: I guess thats some sort of a "hat trick"

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    Default Re: I guess thats some sort of a "hat trick"

    That's cool to get three of them. I spent a couple days trying for them. I haven't had much problem getting them to take. I've had a problem getting a solid hookset in the kayak. I've got to watch a few take clousers and they swam up behind it ,took and then backed away without turning. Where I was fishing is heavily pressured with over 400 days of bass tournaments being run out of this creek this year. Yeah, no extra zero, 400. That's a couple different circuits or sponsors or whatever they call it.

    The Md. DNR is still shocking and removing them regularly. At least they aren't researching birth control or a spay/neuter program for them like the deer.

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    Default Re: I guess thats some sort of a "hat trick"

    I dispatched all three and threw them up on the point where I was fishing. About an hour later I saw the crows feasting on them. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
    you might have missed an opportunity here. I've heard they're excellent table fare for humans as well as crows.

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