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Thread: Going to the dogs?

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    Default Going to the dogs?

    Who has brought their K-9 buddy out to a stream with them when fly fishing, any problems?

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    mridenour Guest

    Default Re: Going to the dogs?

    Quote Originally Posted by motorshooter View Post
    Who has brought their K-9 buddy out to a stream with them when fly fishing, any problems?
    Yes and yes. I no longer take a dog with me even to the secret lake where I am fishing all alone. My stupid Chesapeake thinks she has to be in the water whenever there is water present whether it is a lake or a puddle.

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    Default Re: Going to the dogs?

    My last dog, didn't like the water much so he would "high step" through it. Not too stealthy.
    He did understand why we were there though and would "point" out rising fish.

    Before him was a smart old fellow. I'd take the baby with me and set up a crib stream-side and the dog would baby sit, never leaving his side.
    One day when it was just the dog and I, he just laid out in the sun while I fished all afternoon. I knew where he was at the end of the day because I could see where the vultures were circling
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements.” --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Going to the dogs?

    We've have a guy around here who brings his dog with him and the dog has broken many rods by getting tangled in the line while people have been landing rather large fish aka salmon. The guy never owns up to it and refuses to even pay the shipping to the rod company to have replacement work done. If I see him come and the "dog" (a bull mastiff) is with him I let him know as politely as I can that he and his dog are not welcome to be around while I fish.
    John L.

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    Default Re: Going to the dogs?

    Other than the 'odd off' I don't go anywhere without my Yellow Lab. Summer heat and I have to be very selective as to 'where and how long.'

    He even knows the streets we drive on ... 15 (+/-) pound head on my shoulder as we make the last turns. 0300'ish and a large cold nose in my ear; BREAKFAST WILL NOW BE SERVED.

    Which reminds me, we picked up another large bag of Fuzz Face food this afternoon. Must take out of the back of the Jeep.
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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  9. Default Re: Going to the dogs?

    Mridenour sounds like any good Chesapeake i know, love them to death but they are possessed by the water

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    Default Re: Going to the dogs?

    Mine looks like a l Lab, and there may be some Lab in there, but behavior-wise, she's all hound. All she wants to do is follow her nose. So, she bears watching all the time and can't be off leash. That's probably how she went stray and came to be at the pound where we got her.

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    Default Re: Going to the dogs?

    If they are in the boat with you make sure you put your flies away back into the box instead of the classic pockets where spent flies go to die...they'll end up in paws/nose/mouth you name it. Lesson learned. However, besides that they're a great companion to have!
    "We regarded it as our family river....and I surrender it now only with great reluctance."

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    Default Re: Going to the dogs?

    Take mine every time. He's a German Shorthair, and a great partner. I have him trained with hand signals, as well as verbal and whistles. He even pulled down a compliment from a Game Warden that was watching us. He is also great at seeing everything (such as bear, deer) way before I do. He is even good for comic relief. Last fall he saw his first river otter. He was obviously quite fascinated as every time I stopped to fish he would stare at the water as if willing another to pop up. He was sitting on a snow covered boulder staring at the water, not noticing he was ever so slowly sliding off the boulder. He slid in, and I shortened the trip by several hours because he looked so pathetic and cold.

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    Default Re: Going to the dogs?

    If the l'l dawg don't go- I don't go. She's too much fun to not bring along. Yes, she's imperfect, like her Master.


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