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Thread: Grilled trout, blah, how do you cook them?

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    Default Re: Grilled trout, blah, how do you cook them?

    This thread should be locked and deleted.

    Ya'll STARVIN' me to-death !

    I release all wild and native fish, except for some sunfish when are over abundant anyways. I do keep a few stockers at times because I love the taste of trout. Toni cooks them,,,not me,,,and I can't give you a receipe,,but it involves spices, something she coats them with,,and mostly bakes them. Helps cut down that bad bad grease consumption. However, I do love a skillet of fried trout, just don't eat'em that way much anymore.

    I've been toying with the idea of a smoker myself. Never did much of that but from what I read,,,it's the cats meow for fish.

    I find my meal by finding my meal's meal.

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    Default Re: Grilled trout, blah, how do you cook them?

    smoked trout is sooo good.
    a toasted bagel, a smear of light cream
    cheese, said smoked trout and some thin
    sliced red onion with a topper of capers



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    Default Re: Grilled trout, blah, how do you cook them?

    I like trout and kokanee smoked, over alder or apple wood. But for shore lunch, I have one of those hinged, long handled grill baskets. Rub the fish with brown sugar, coarse ground black pepper and a little garlic powder. Grill over slow coals til fish flakes when touched. A few crackers and your favorite beverage, and back to fishing !
    You can do the same thing on your grill at home, just cook 'em slow to let the flavor develop.
    " I'm just a cook " Casey Ryback, Under Siege

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    Default Re: Grilled trout, blah, how do you cook them?

    Quote Originally Posted by chi flyfisher View Post
    Haven't kept a trout in a long time but rolled in corn meal and pan fried is the way to go. I've done the tin foil lemon garlic olive oil deal too but I prefer em pan fried. Personally I think there are better tasting fish.

    same here almost
    I love them pan fried but I use Andy's white fish mix. I leave te skin on the filet and when some peel the skin off and all the blackish stuff that gives them the fishy taste comes right off
    love them that way but fry with low heat they fry fast

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    Default Re: Grilled trout, blah, how do you cook them?

    Quote Originally Posted by caseywise View Post
    shore lunch! love it

    Not much better than shore lunch!! We did that this summer in Alaska. Caught our limit of Sockeye, filleted them up, built a fire and had an AWESOME salmon dinner right on the shore by camp

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    Default Re: Grilled trout, blah, how do you cook them?

    My friend Rod can smoke up a MEAN trout. It is my favorite way to eat them. Once in awhile I will eat one using the tinfoil method. Pretty good...but not as good as smoked.


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    Default Re: Grilled trout, blah, how do you cook them?

    I generally C@R trout, but this is a recipe I use for store bought butterflied, or filleted trout. I also use it for sea trout, which I do keep and eat as they're plentiful.

    Almond Sage Trout

    Two TB slivered or thin sliced almonds (you find them in the spice aisle)
    1 1/12 t of dried sage
    sifted flour (I use the pre sifted stuff in the blue shakers)

    Toast the almonds in a skillet over medium heat shaking once or twice until you can just begin to smell them. DO NOT OVER COOK (EG never turn your back on them, its a three minute job) !
    Transfer to paper towels and let cool.

    Pulse nuts in a food chopper until ground, but not pureed. Do this in short pulses so they don't get too hot and leach their oils.

    Salt and pepper the trout. Score the skin to prevent curling if you leave it on. I do as I think it adds moisture.

    Spread the flour on a plate and mix in the nuts and sage.

    Lightly dredge the trout.

    Sautee I butter over medium heat.

    Enjoy with a nice white wine or a hoppy ale.

    Add a small squeeze of lemon as you take them off the heat.

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    Default Re: Grilled trout, blah, how do you cook them?

    Quote Originally Posted by yonder View Post
    Step a good fire streamside.....
    Step 2......grease a cast iron skillet......
    Step 3......roll the trout in "house autry" seasoning.....
    Step 4......fry till done.........
    Step 5......add bread, hot sauce, and a good craft brewed IPA!!!!
    Step 6......add optional accessories as the cooler and ice allow........
    One thing I could never figure out ... Guide is charging your $350.00 - $450.00 for the day and he can't even pack a small cooler for lunch for the three of you? Meats, a loaf of bread and a small bottles of (fill in the blanks), sliced tamotto and red Onion in Tupperware containers.

    Steve Buckner will never remember this trip but a business man from the UK and I drive up and pick him up at the Portland airport. Floated for two days and talked business ... never hooked a bloody fish. But at noon'ish Steve pull over the boat and pull out this small BBQ. Hamburgers and a side salad.

    Fellow and I did millions of dollars of straight forward business there after. Steve? A $500.00 tip. Worth every penny.
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: Grilled trout, blah, how do you cook them?

    Thanks for all the great suggestions! I have a nice smoker. I think I will try that method first, then move on to some of the other suggestions. Guess I need to catch more trout I love fried foods, but making a conscious effort to eat the bad stuff less frequently now that I am 50.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littledavid123 View Post
    Wrap them in bacon and charcoal until the bacon is done, then throw away the trout and eat the bacon....

    lol, should I have eggs, pancakes and coffee cooking at the same time?

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    Default Re: Grilled trout, blah, how do you cook them?

    Back in my teen years (oh so many years ago) I'd wake up before dawn, borrow my father's truck and head off to the river. I'd fish until time to get the truck back in time for work. I'd keep two trout (stocker rainbows), clean them on the river bank, and head home. There I'd coat them in corn meal and fry them in bacon grease. And I'd scramble some eggs on the side and make toast...breakfast.

    I've eaten trout prepared a lot of ways since then but I don't think any way of cooking can compare to those breakfast trout!

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