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    Default Re: What do consider a full set

    4,5,6 and 8 for me but as mentioned they are different rods for different applications. I fish 90% dry flies with the odd single nymph and very rarely streamers and/or indicators.

    8'6" ZXL 4 wt. for small streams.
    8'6" Zenith 5 wt. for medium waters.
    9' Z-Axis 6 wt. for larger water trout.
    9' Xi2 8 wt. for larger water pike and walleye.

    It is a nice combo as I think there is too much of a gap between 4 and 6. They are also somewhat interchangeable under special circumstances. If there are tiny flies hatching on larger water I can use the 5 wt. instead of the 6. If hoppers are active on the small streams the 5 can also replace the 4. Wind, weather and fish size also play a role in the rod I grab and having a gap of 2 wts wouldn't work as well.

    I will add another fast action 5 wt. when the right deal comes along in 9' or perhaps 9'6". I am 99% sure it will be a Sage One but would like to get my hands on a Radian for a testing or the tip flex G Loomis.

    I also would like to have a 3 wt. 8' or under in a medium action rod for small stream days and fish under 15". I am thinking CT or TFO, nothing too spendy.

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    Default Re: What do consider a full set

    Until I read this thread, I thought I was good with a 3-5wt, a baitcaster, and UL spinning.

    Guess I'm still a little short, so lets add an old telephone and some explosives and I should be good.

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    Default Re: What do consider a full set

    Quote Originally Posted by hoyt3065 View Post



    and why. Just wondering which way you went and why..
    Neither. Any set will have to cover the conditions and species one will target.


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    Default Re: What do consider a full set

    i'm a 3 , 5 , 8 guy. No real need for any others.

    7'6 3wt

    7'6 5wt glass

    8'6 5wt

    10'6 8wt

    Addicted To Vise Flies

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