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    Default Re: DSLR Waterproof Cases

    if youre set on taking the DSLR fishing
    this is the bag that I use
    My camera goes into this bag

    Cirrus™ Sack

    then this bag and camera go into this bag

    Dry Creek Roll-Top Backpack - Vests & Packs - SHOP

    I can carry my tripod and another lens in that bag too. A little over protection but with the possibility of getting dunked or wet from rain-snow or being set on the wet shore etc my DSLR cost too much to not protect it. I pack a fleece around it to pad it too.

    Now for the waterproof camera case that I posted above you also need a lens case. And they are crazy expensive to rent. Maybe look into buying? For all of that. Maybe look at the Nikon AW 100 or the like. I am not sure if a remote shutter release can be used with it-that would be nice. but you can sit it on a joby tripod
    What about a go pro? Keep us posted with what you decide.

    I take my DSLR because sometimes I get into amazing scenery and the fishing is not so good. Capturing the moment is a nice way to spend on the river too.

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    Default Re: DSLR Waterproof Cases

    I highly recommend the Smithfly Digi Pouch.


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    Default Re: DSLR Waterproof Cases

    I don' take my DSLR fishing but have travelled a lot with my Canon using Lowepro bags. Rugged stuff. Check out the Lowepro Outback series. It's modular so you can go minimal carry (camera & lens only) or multiple pouches. It also has a cover to protect from rain and dust. I spray mine with water repellent so water just trickles off.

    Lowepro | Outback

    I would also recommend a Pentax Optio WG for outdoor shooting. It's an extremely rugged camera. Although images are not as good as my Canon I post-process images with DPP which gives me good results.

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