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  1. Default An interesting story about the Grandkids

    While homeschooling the 10 year old granddaughter and 8 year old grandson in English & Math, I decided to teach them about the sizes of Fly Tying Hooks.

    I told them I wanted them to look at the package, observe the size of the hook, starting with #20, and move down to #18 and so on, until they had listed all the sizes to 2/0.

    Instead, they wanted to know the price of the package, and the number of hooks in each package. Not only did they start writing it down, they wanted to write down the Manufacturer, TMC, Mustad, Daiichi, Dai-Riki, A.R.E., Owner.
    Then they decided they needed to write the 2x Short or 4x Long, and 2x Heavy, or Fine Wire, and all the other data on the package.

    I ended up giving them a sample of each hook to tape on the paper with the description.

    I was really surprised.

    They've only tied a couple of Wooly Buggers, but now they are very interested in learning everything.

    They already own their own Vice (about a $40.00 model), Dr. Slick Thread Bobbins, Barb Crushing Jeweler's Pliers, Wire Cutters, etc., and their own storage bag for gear. It's fun to see how some sporadic, and almost disinterested teaching cultivates a strong interest in the sport and the technical stuff. Now they want to get jobs in Fly Fishing shops. Heh heh.

    So, should kids be taught some Fly Fishing as part of a general education?
    Why not? A little "hands-on" can't be too bad.
    Welcome to the world of Fly Crying

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    Default Re: An interesting story about the Grandkids

    Bruce: Great story, thanks for sharing!


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    Default Re: An interesting story about the Grandkids

    Somebody is sure doing something right in this country. Thank you.

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    Default Re: An interesting story about the Grandkids

    Home school ? o.k. ......

    Field trip ? AWESOME, GRANDPA !
    " I'm just a cook " Casey Ryback, Under Siege

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    Default Re: An interesting story about the Grandkids

    Cool that they are that interested. Do they have any friends that are interested? I don't know if you are involved or have 4H in your area. One of our county 4H clubs is a fishing club. And there was a fly fishing project day this summer but we missed the email. It may be worth a check with your local university ag extension office on the 4H clubs. There already be one or may be interest for something.

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    Default Re: An interesting story about the Grandkids

    What a wonderful thing you were doing for your grandkids, Grandpa! I wish I could do the same but unfortunately, mine are halfway across the country.
    When young, kids are like little sponges. I think sometimes their learning is limited only by our teaching.

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