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    Default Next Summer Fishing trip

    Next summer (early June) I'm planning on taking four days for a fishing trip. I want to head to the Virginia west Virginia are to fish. I want to make it a backpacking trip where I can hike in some miles to get out and away. I want to do some trout fishing on some medium to small sized water. Does anyone know any water in that area that would allow me to do this, preferably in the George washington national parks or Monogahela Forest area? Thanks and God bless.

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    Look at Smoke Hole W. Va. Its on the North Branch of the South Fork of the Potomac. The trout are stocker's, but they are there. There's Dolly Sods park near by, a beautiful high altitude park like the Smokies. It has great back packing. Now, I only hiked it twice, twenty years ago and never brought a rod when I was backpacking as none of my friends fished. Mostly I just went up towards Smoke Hole to fish and stayed at a campsite somewhere up or down the North Fork, but its a place to start. Good luck, it really is pretty country. Oh, and BYOB, if memory serves its dry.

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