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Thread: The Old Spot

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    My maternal grandfather lived on one of the best trout streams in Minnesota. He was a bait fisherman, but he knew that stream like the back of his hand. One time, when I was very little, he crept up to the creek and cast to the head of deep run without looking at the stream. The bank was high and under cut, but he knew the stream so well he could just accurately flip a worm to the right spot without having to even see the water.

    He almost immediately hooked into a big trout, which we kept for dinner. After landing the fish, he turned to us and told us that he'd been saving that trout all summer for when we came to visit.

    That stretch of stream is still my favorite water, even though the local TU has 'improved' it to hold many more fish. I guess it's for the best. Fishing that stream makes me remember what a great man he was, and makes me feel more connected to my family and my roots.

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    Yeah ... depending where you are in VT, it's probably pretty close to you in fact. There's a certain tributary to a certain large mainstem river not too far from a certain center of population there, five minutes away from the house where I grew up and where my parents still live. Where the trib hits the river, there is a hole at least 15 feet deep, then a nice glide, then a fast riffle, then a big eddy against some boulder riprap. The cool water of the tributary keeps fish keyed in on the area all year long. I have caught many, many fish there since I was twelve years old; probably half of what I know how to do on a fly rod, I taught myself there. Never took a real monster there, but the life list from that little area includes

    rainbows to 14"
    browns to 16"
    smallmouth to 16"
    landlocked salmon parr
    suckers to 20"
    fallfish to 18"
    rock bass

    The best fishing is in the spring and the fall when the rainbows and the browns, respectively, troop up the little stream as far as the first falls about a half mile up. I have caught some impressive trout there in very skinny water over the years.

    On warm late summer evenings with hatches the glide above the riffle will hold dozens of fish. I took my kids and one of their friends there to show them last summer; on the first retrieve we watched at least half a dozen fish converging for the kill. My daughter caught her first brown that evening, and her friend caught her first rainbow the next morning.

    Looking at the water objectively it isn't too big a deal, but it's special to me.

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    Awesome posts guys. Its cool to think that a simple tradition can mean the world to some people. Keep on fishin!

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