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  1. Default camera storage question.

    this is prolly a dumb question but I will to ask it.
    I see all you guys with great pix of your catches and fishing spots. well I got a better digital camera for x-mas and wanna get some pictures up this year when we can get out there. my question is what can you store it in? will a basic ziplock bag work fine? would hate to ruin the camera if I accidently take a dip or somehow get it wet. this is for storage while I am fishing. once I take it out to take a pic its my own butt. any advice on storage?
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    Default Re: camera storage question.

    Here is what I do. First, leave the digital camera at home. Sorry too much $$$ to slip and fall and have it broke. Unless you have no problems with returns at the store it came from. Second, get a disposable/one time use camera. There cheaper and actually do a good pic. You can get the pics stored on a CD to load to the computer. A camera on a cell phone is nice though they dont take the best of pics. Finally if you are willing to take the chance to take your digital camera out, make sure it dont get wet. If you can by chance find an underwater camera then you'd be set. A high quality zip lock bag is the best thing you can get. I have used 2 actually, better safe then sorry.
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  3. Default Re: camera storage question.

    Or you can look into buying a waterproof case for it. Depending on the model you have there are some cases that are made for digi cameras. Their usually made of clear hardened plastic with rubber seals etc. I bought one for my camera in order to use it while diving. However in my case it was kind of a waste of money because their not really rated for depths greater than say 20-30ft. One other plus of a case is that it makes your camera float which would be a good thing if say it were to fall out of a pocket etc. while on the water.

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    I always ask about hand me down cameras thru the family, when someone buys a great camera to use I go in for the kill and ask about the old one. Right now I have a 3.1 meg pix samsung in a case that works great.
    Cost (0.00$ ) that way when I break it I won't be upset
    I also have a pocket in the left side of my vest that i keep it in so I can get to it easily. I prefer a small zip loc freezer bag, protects great against water. I also thought about falling on creek rocks, I always try to to keep the camera high and to the side of me. Seems I always always fall on my face or rear never my side.
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    Default Re: camera storage question.

    Attach a lanyard to it that's secured to your vest or some other point that will keep it from dropping all the way to the ground. If its short enough to keep it above your bellybutton- even better.

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  6. Default Re: camera storage question.

    ok guys thanks for the tips. I have my old digital camera from before. problem is no battery. Maybe I will invest in some new rechargable ones for it. then use a ziplock for that one and if it breaks I won't be so mad. either that or I will look for one of the waterproof cases. 20 bux for a case or so is better than 200 bux for a new camera.
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    Default Re: camera storage question.

    Since nobody has mentioned it yet, I'll add one thought. If you are in a very humid area then the ziplock might not be the way to go. I once ruined a digital camera because I had it in a ziplock bag inside of a stuff-sack on a canoe. So much condensation formed on the inside of the bag that I might as well have dunked my camera in the river. Now, I usually just keep my camera in the little pocket on the inside of the upper part of my chest waders for easy access. It's been a long time since I've fallen in over my waders. Usually I'm in water shallow enough to get a hand down and I just end up with a wet arm and the camera stays safe.

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    For future reference, Pentax makes a nice waterproof camera. It is small and takes nice pictures. Cant use it for diving but for trout fishing it is perfect.
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    Default Re: camera storage question.

    I've been shopping for a waterproof camera & dropping hints around the house so maybe I'll solve my camera problems I usually wear one of those breakaway lanyards with a snap on one end. I hook the snap to the usually very thin strap that comes with the camera & put the camera in a zip lock bag & zip it up around the thinnist part of the hand strap. That's worked so far but a water proof camera will relieve my angst. My fishing partner in the bahamas last year took pictures of me & fish all week & on the last day he went to put his camera in his shirt & didn't have it tucked in. He looked down at the splash & said oh s**t You dont have any pictures of your fish so don't take out your camera I want my pictures safe.

  10. Default Re: camera storage question.

    Sorry all, I am new here, and thought I would jump in on this question. Aquapac makes some affordable waterproof cases for digital cameras that you can shoot photos with the camera in the case. I use the smaller of them for backpacking and so far so good. You do have to be careful not to scratch the case though as it will show up in shots you take. You can find them at if you just do a search for aquapac. They also make cases for pdas, cell phones, gps, etc...

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