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Thread: The First Fly

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    Default The First Fly

    Do you remember what fly you used to catch your first fishwith a flyrod ?
    Mine was a Muddler Minnow on the Milk River in northern Montana. It was a sad looking, scraggly, moth eaten hand me down fly. It became a beautiful piece of art when viewed in the lip of that little brookie. 40 years later, that same fly is on a cork board in my den.
    What was your first fly to catch a fish ?
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    Default Re: The First Fly

    Cant be sure. I got my first fly rod with the very first work money I made ever when about 12. Wasn't interested in tying anything then,,too excited to just have a fly rod. Yellow Eagle Claw. I'm all but certain I purchased some dept store know,,the cards that used to come with a selection of flies on them...and it would have been one of those.

    Wish I still had that rod.

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    Default Re: The First Fly

    I remember it well, (perhaps because it was about 2 months ago)

    A reverse hackle partridge wet fly tied in the Tenkara style by Craigthor on this forum. It's in a tree a little west of Dubuque, IA. When he opened his flybox and it was basically the only fly pattern he carried at the time, I knew it might be a keeper around her.

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    Default Re: The First Fly

    Wooley bugger

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    Oddly, I tied my first fly before I made my first cast with a fly rod. I had a good skiing/guitar pickin buddy back in the 80s. He was flyfishing guide. One night after a jam session with the guitars, he said he was going fly fishing in the morning. The Crooked river in Central Oregon. Just a ways from my home town of Bend at the time. So he starts tying some flies that night at which point he walked me thru tying an olive scud and an amber tied back caddis. The next day I went out with him. I caught 6 fish on the caddis. He caught about 90 lol. But catching those 6 fish and seeing him own that river made me a believer
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    Default Re: The First Fly

    I don't recall what fly seduced that first fish, but it was likely a Woolly Worm that was the first "real" fly I tied. I also started tying before I had a fly rod. It was about a year before that I started tying, in about 1966.
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    Default Re: The First Fly

    A white wolfe and it was a SM Bass.
    John L.

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    Default Re: The First Fly

    It was a long time ago, but I rember an orange rubber spider for bluegill. The first trout, a tiny brookie, fell a few years later to either a royal wulff or royal coachman, I forget which.

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    Default Re: The First Fly

    This fly:

    In here:

    Lone Pine Creek, Lone Pine, CA... in 1975

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    It was in 1958 & it was either a Dry Hares Ear or a Coachman as at The time I was using The Dry with a Wet under it.
    I caught Fish on both The Flies that afternoon however at the time I didn't think that because The Coachman was a bigger Fly it would tend to pull The Small #10 under which probably was The Reason it worked so well.

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