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    Default Fishing access and usage rights along rivers

    Good morning!

    I thought this information would be helpful for those who would like to take a second look at access for fishing on rivers. The National Organization for Rivers (NOR) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on educating the public about river law and public rights to access and recreate on rivers. What does NOR seek to do? The main three things are to 1) clarify public river rights on thousands of miles where they are disputed, 2) address public and private land usage along rivers, and 3) to conserve the land along rivers, and keep enough water in rivers to keep them healthy and usable for navigation and fishing. The goal, as the first Act of our US Congress said, is for rivers to be "forever free."

    So what should you check out? NOR has a free poster and handout you can download that explains your basic rights, with several court cases for how/why you have those rights. If you are interested, the link for the national poster and handout is River Law Handouts and Posters - National Organization for Rivers

    Though the national handout applies to all states, we are in the process of making handouts and posters for all 50 states that address each state's specific issues. Colorado's handout and poster was recently finished, and can be seen at the link from above. We will keep you posted when other states are finished. Don't wait for these to be completed, again, the national poster and handout (from above) applies to ALL states!

    If you are interested in a further explanation of your rights, we have a new book that gives you the whole story. It's taken a couple decades to research, write, and have discussions with attorneys and other rivers experts in order for the book to be made. It's the first book that explains why and how the public has rights on rivers. It will change your perspective and understanding about your rights on rivers. If you want to learn more about it, here's a link Why you should get "Public Rights on Rivers" - National Organization for Rivers

    We look forward to being part of this community, helping you understand river law, and improving access on navigable rivers. Please feel free to interact with us and ask questions! Our email is Have a great week! Cheers.

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    Default Re: Fishing access and usage rights along rivers

    Very interesting. Thanks for putting this out there.

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