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    Default Re: What is important to you when buying gear?

    Lot of good replies, value and warranty

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    Default Re: What is important to you when buying gear?

    1. Suitability
    Does it do the job I bought it for, and meet or exceed my expectations ?

    2. Value
    No matter what I paid for it, was it worth the money I spent ?

    If I can answer yes to those 2 questions, I'm a happy camper.
    " I'm just a cook " Casey Ryback, Under Siege

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    Default Re: What is important to you when buying gear?

    I would rather pay a little more for something I think will last than go with the most inexpensive product that has to be replaced more frequently.

    Reliability, workmanship, and appearance are important to me. I like designs that are classic and simple, sometimes understated. But, it has to perform, if it doesn't perform well, who cares how well its made or what it looks like.

    I like American made fly fishing equipment. I think it's worth paying a little more for it -- how much more? It depends on the item.

    When it comes to fly reels, I like lighter reels because I fish lighter rods. I like large arbor designs with smooth adjustable drags that still look like fly reels, and not something out of an engineer's day dream. I'm getting to like today's low maintenance reels.

    Hey, but that's just me. You're probably going to see a healthy diversity of opinions here.
    "Sometimes the least important thing about fishing is fishing." --Roderick Haig-Brown

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    Default Re: What is important to you when buying gear?

    Quote Originally Posted by taylorreels View Post
    Hey everyone,

    I have a simple question that I wanted to ask. What are some of the important factors for you when purchasing a new piece of fly fishing gear? All of us have different values and concerns so I wonder if there are any commonalities among us. Some examples may be made in the USA, price, warranty, design, colors, performance, style, etc... What do you want from your fly fishing gear?

    Matthew Taylor

    Taylor Reels
    0) Homemade.
    1) Made in the USA, always read the page from the manufacturer: "About" where the manufacturer tells the story of how it began their productions, ideas, what prompted the creation of things... If I like what the manufacturer says about himself, I make bookmark & placed in the right category such Fly Reels, Fly Rods, Fly Fishing & others. in the future to know where to go to look first! to reduce the time of selection I go for company who produce only in the United States! I also like when a company supports something good for the fish and the nature! you bought the item and made an investment in preservation population Bull Trout, as example!
    Good article "Made in the USA" in the latest magazine Nov/Dec 2013 "Fly Fishing in Salt Waters" ( Fly Fishing in Salt Waters Articles, Photos & Gear Reviews | Fly Fishing in Salt Waters ) page 60 by editor John Frazier
    1а) warranty & service ^
    2) appearance
    3) design
    4) performance
    5) in the Internet Age, all search and information first you take from the web > and if a web site the company is built correctly it is nice to have a visit on if not I just close the page! How presented and illustrated product, sometimes I'd love to see a full detailed picture all parts (because I can not pick up and touch the thing)
    6) Proverbs and Sayings: "stingy pays twice..."

    and by the way I have been on your site Taylor Reels:: Quality and Affordable Fly Fishing Reels
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    "Leave it as it is. You cannot improve on it. The ages have at work on it, and man can only mar it." Theodore Roosevelt
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    Default Re: What is important to you when buying gear?

    One of the most important factors to me is being able to buy it locally. This enables me to not only support the local business, but also see and feel what I'm buying. It helps that as a new fly fisher I can also get advice in the local shop.

    Price is a major consideration as well, of course.

    With bigger items (rods, reels, waders), internet reviews come into play. Visual appearance doesn't matter here.

    With smaller items (flies, fly tying supplies, fly boxes), it is all about how it looks.

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    Default Re: What is important to you when buying gear?

    First and foremost is durability and reliability. I want tough even though I baby my gear. Weight takes a back seat to quality. American or European made is preferred. Korea as an ally is o.k. but China is avoided and scorned. I prefer to buy from smaller companies and avoid big names that to me have evolved into providing too modern, stylish or glitzy a product line. I also avoid companies when they get bought up by giant conglomerates like Pure Fishing / Jarden just did with Hardy.

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    Default Re: What is important to you when buying gear?

    Number 1 is made in the U.S.A.

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    Default Re: What is important to you when buying gear?


    Don't BS me. If it's cheap junk, just tell me it's cheap junk. This is why I love Harbor Freight. I have no problem spending money, I HATE not getting my money's worth! If I spend the most, I demand the best.


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    Default Re: What is important to you when buying gear?

    No Love for Canadian made? C'mon guys, why does everything have to be made in the USA? I am going to play the devils advocate here and say why is it such a big deal that its made in the US? Meanwhile everything else we buy is made everywhere else in the world, not trying to bash on a country but put your patriotism aside for a second, and explain why? Can anyone give me an honest answer without the run of the mill answers as... to support our economy... we are better... etc. Just want to know why you feel this way? And if you could answer this question with your pride aside (if possible).

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    Default Re: What is important to you when buying gear?

    Not trying to be an a55 here, but I have never seen any maple leaf fly gear in the US. Francophone or Anglophone, I'd buy it - have never run into it nor really looked for it.

    (I've got some CT tools in my car from a time that I forgot to pack a tool kit going to TO, and that was 3 Mark II's ago. Thinking about that, I don't think the CT tools are actually Canadian.)
    I'm currently out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message, and if you would like to reach me by phone, please hang up now.

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