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Thread: 3 wt for blue gill

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    I use my 2wt for bluegill and small bass. I throw streamers up to #6 with it and terrestrials about the same. I can also throw some smaller frog patterns with it. As I'm fond of saying: its not about how far you think you want to cast, its about how far you NEED to cast. You wont get great distance with a size 6 on a 2wt, but you'd get more than you think, and if the fish are 5-40ft away, who cares if you can't go farther.

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    I started with a 7, followed by a 9, Tried several others until I picked up a 3. Once I got that 3, I absolutely loved it. last summer I picked up a 2, and am now shopping for either a 1 or a 0.

    I'm a big fan of ultralight rods, They give me the chance to walk a few blocks from my house, catch some pan fish after work, and have a lot of fun doing so in the process.

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