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Thread: Big salmon on the miramichi ! Video

  1. Default Big salmon on the miramichi ! Video

    Hey Guys , thought you might enjoy a video me and my buddy filmed recently on my home river the Miramichi ! I was lucky enough to land my biggest fish to date . Feel free to share enjoy:

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    Default Re: Big salmon on the miramichi ! Video


    Very well done, your handling of the fish was the very best part but the casting was very good also. Congratulations on your fish, I do hope that you'll become an active participant here, we have a Spey sub forum where there are many questions ask on a regular basis. I am a long belly line type and we could use some help from Scandi & Skagit head users.

    Welcome to our forum,


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    Default Re: Big salmon on the miramichi ! Video

    Great fish there. I would love to head out with you guys some time next summer. Welcome to the forum.

    John L.

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    Terrific video and fish! As Ard said wonderful job handling those gorgeous fish! Great job !
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