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    Dean MT, As Cutthroat points out, those wonderful scenes where shot on a variety of rivers in Silver Creek Outfitter's bailiwick. I mentioned a few in my above post. Silver Creek, a product of alternating clay and gravel layers deposited in the Columbia inland sea during the ice ages, itself is the divine, archetypical spring creek with deceptively smooth, intertwined surface currents effected by the lush sub-surface aquatic vegetation beds visible in several of the film sequences. Ultimately, Silver Creek along with the Big Lost disappear into the pours lava of Craters of the Moon and seep underground for 200 years before bursting forth at Thousand Springs.

    This storied and spectacular little river is not only a place I strive to fish once a year but is one of my few "A" list, technical environments in which I refine my observations about rod, line and, especially, technical leader design performance. I anticipate that June 2014 will notably be the Year of Matched Energy Transfer Furled Leaders on Silver Creek and can hardly wait to arrive.

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    Fantastic!! Any chance that new gopro copter was used for this??

    Blade 350 QX BNF Quadcopter BLH7880 B&H Photo Video
    Less likey, more green dots

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