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    Default Re: Reel for 7 wt Switch rod ?

    I cant dance to save my life. I think my Tioga LA 10 will do the job but I need to take my saltwater line off to see if a switch line will fit.

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    Default Re: Reel for 7 wt Switch rod ?

    Quote Originally Posted by jfaisten View Post
    For the SR you need a reel with stopping power or you better be very good at break dancing across rocks because you'll be running up and down the river.
    LOL That's hilarious!
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    Default Re: Reel for 7 wt Switch rod ?

    The Sage 1880 is actually an excellent reel. They are light, big arbor, and have a fully sealed saltwater safe drag. They are kind of a hiding in plain sight secert reel.

    Go into the reel section, they have a 8wt reel shoot out, the 1880 comes in at like 2nd or 3rd place, and thats even agasint all the big name guys.
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