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    Default Reel for 7 wt Switch rod ?

    I am looking to get a reel for a switch rod for SH in NY. Lampson Guru 3.5 and Speedster are 2 that the shop recommended? Also what size do I need ? Do I go up a line to 8/9 ? I am looking for middle of the road cost.


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    Default Re: Reel for 7 wt Switch rod ?

    The reel is a tough choice -- there are so many on the market. If I was buying one I'd look for a sealed no maint drag and spend as much as you can afford. A reel with a very good drag is critical on the SR. I'd buy an Abel.
    If you buy a 7 weight line your reel needs to hold 8wt due to the size of the lines made for switch rods.
    Looking forward to other answers on reels.
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    mridenour Guest

    Default Re: Reel for 7 wt Switch rod ?

    The drag on the Lamson Guru is pretty awesome. Mine protected 6x tippet on big cuts making hard runs this summer. I was very impressed.

    I also like the new drag system on Allen's new reels. We used several Allen reels on our recent salmon trips and will be using them this weekend for Chromes. Plus, with Allen you get Justin and the rest of the guys to make sure you are doing more fishing than fixing.

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    Default Re: Reel for 7 wt Switch rod ?

    A guru 3.5 would be nice for a 7wt switch. I have 2 gurus and I quiet like them alot.
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    Default Re: Reel for 7 wt Switch rod ?

    Do you plan on using the rod for Kings or Steelhead or maybe both? If you are specifically targeting steelhead and fishing them when the kings aren't in the river, you may be able to get away with a Click & Pawl like a Marquis or the SA equivalent. I fish a St. John on my 6wt switch for Steelhead.

    If you're looking for a reels with drag, Lamson would get the job done. Perhaps a little above middle of the road cost wise, but high in quality, you may want consider a Galvan Rush. The drag is the same as the Torque series, which I fish for kings and steelhead can can say has plenty of stopping power.

    On size, you want a reel that is at least one size up and maybe 2 but what you can get away with depends on what line you're using too. If you were considering the Rush, I'd look at the R-10.
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    Default Re: Reel for 7 wt Switch rod ?

    jeez any of the reels made in china today are as good as the lamsons... and half the cost.. sorry guys but its the fact. I have a china made reel (brytec in England) and it performs great on my switch rod flawlessly. I paid 39.00 for it too. been beating the **** out of it and it's still ticking...

    for kings I use a 9wt. with a medalist anti reverse, heavy but never a problem.
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    Default Re: Reel for 7 wt Switch rod ?

    It's hard to go wrong with a Lamson Guru, provided it balance with your rod.

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    Default Re: Reel for 7 wt Switch rod ?

    I see the Sage 1880 (discontinued) for sale for $79. holds 7-9 wt. Does anyone know if that will work with a 7 wt switch line ?

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    I bought a 7 ft switch rod and was looking to use a konic 3.5 with it. I have 9 wt wf line on it. I wanted to get a extra spool, Glad I went to the konic 4 as the skagit lines are bigger.

    Looking to go to a bigger reel with a the longer spey rod.

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    Default Re: Reel for 7 wt Switch rod ?

    that Sage size wise should be fine. Not sure about the quality of that reel. For the SR you need a reel with stopping power or you better be very good at break dancing across rocks because you'll be running up and down the river.
    Lake Erie

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