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Thread: New to the sport..First rod?

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    You know what? I'd get a 6wt or 7wt. In my experience most steelhead run like crazy but are not that big - not like a salmon. I have caught them on a 7wt. This summer past I caught a 7# largemouth on a 7wt. Plenty of smallies have been caught on 6wt rods, and most flies/streamers for smallies or steelhead can be cast with a 6 or 7wt rod. While not ideal for either trout or salmon, a 6 or 7wt is a good compromise to have fun wherever you go. You can get more rods later.

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    Default Re: New to the sport..First rod?

    My first setup was an Orvis Clearwater 10' 8wt. I use it for small & large mouth bass, salmon, & steelhead. Hard to find one rod to do all these species, but this does a good job of it. The length isn't ideal for the bass or salmon, but really helps out with the steelhead. I went 10' rather than 9' because I anticipate using this for steelhead more than the other named species. I agree with the go 8wt before 5wt. The reason being is the species you originally named are more toward the 8wt than 5wt IMO. Plus like others said you can holf off and pick up a 5wt trout outfit after the new year.

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    +1 on the 8-weight. If i had to choose one and ONLY one fly rod, it would be a 9' 8-weight all the way. I can do damn-near anything with that rod, even if it isn't 100% ideal for some of my fishing.

    I'm glad I don't have to choose one rod though -- I enjoy all of them. A 3-weight, 5 -weight and 8-weight covers everything I do. And I could do without the 3-weight...but I like it.

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    Default Re: New to the sport..First rod?

    I agree w/ tb, but only to differ that if I had to choose only 1 rod I'd go 5wt because the majority of fishing I do is for trout. For what I do I can survive with 3 rods. 9' 5wt for trout, 10' 8wt for bass salmon & steelhead, & 9' 8wt for small saltwater meaning bonefish. Was tossing around the idea of a 10wt for stripers, but the boat I fish off would be a stretch, so I'll prob stick with the spinning outfit for now. :/

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    Cabela's just put the Redington Pursuit outfit on sale for $99!

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    Default Re: New to the sport..First rod?

    As far as learning to cast, a 5 wt will be considerably easier than an 8 wt.

    As far as what line wt of fly rod for what fish species, much depends on the skill of the angler and the rod action as well as the fly line rating. For example, Gary caught this 14 lb 11 oz brown trout on a 9 ft 5 wt fly rod. Notice how thin the rod look in relationship to the fish. It is much bigger than most stealhead that you will catch.

    Gary Borger Blog Archive Fall Salmon and Browns 2013

    A modern graphite fast action fly rod will be able to handle 2 line weights higher for casting. So a fast action 7 wt rod will handle either an 8 or 9 wt fly lines. I've cast a 9 wt fly line with one of Gary's 7 wt fly rods and it performed fine.

    The question then becomes will the 7 wt fly rod be able to tame a steelhead. I think so. Gary hooked Chinook Salmon with that 5 wt but was unable to put enough pressure on the fihs. If he had a 7 wt, I pretty much guarantee you he would have landed them.

    My view is that an 8 wt fly rod is too heavy for bass unless you are going to catch some brutes. I also think a 7 wt should be able to handle most steelhead.

    The question becomes how often will you really need an 8 wt?

    So my vote would be for a 7 wt. but you need to consider if you need the fish fighting ability of an 8 wt, and is sacrificing the ease of casting and pleasure in fishing a lighter rod worth giving up for the times you will really need the 8 wt?
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    Default Re: New to the sport..First rod?

    Can't go wrong with a 9ft 8wt for steelhead and bass to start.

    Spencer Knibbe

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