On a recent business trip to Hawaii (tough life someone has to do it) I took a day and hired a guide to hunt some of the huge Hawaiian bones I had heard about. I used Hawaii Bonefish Flyfishing Guides - Captain Colin - and was not disappointed. Even though in his words the conditions were "the absolute worst", overcast, windy, big swell making the water less than gin clear, I landed my biggest bone ever - about 6lb! Great fight - backing down to bare metal, aching arms and a lot of poling to keep up! Also hooked about an 8 lb monster which took me on a long run then wrapped around 2 coral heads - gone

Hawaii is about quality - not quantity. The bones are big but finicky. Absolute stealth is needed and you only get one shot. We saw tailing bones at sunrise that were in the 10lb class, but they spooked from the sight of a fly line. Colin could have nailed them, but my fumbling gave them the edge.

If ever you find yourself over there - pay the money, get a guide and feel the power of those Hawaiian torpedos!