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vanceinak 08-02-2010 04:28 PM

Total new-b rigging questions
OK, I'll start by claiming almost total ignorance of the sport...
I fly fished a bit in my teens, my twenties, & then a bit more in my late thirties.. Probably not more than a total of 30ish fishing days really.
Now I'm 50 & wanting to get serious about it.
What little I know I was taught by my dad, a wonderful guy to fish with but not a highly schooled fly guy. Tippet was not a word I ever heard him use.
We used light leader (not tapered) on the end of the fly line & the fly was tied directly to the leader.
In my collection of gear aquired 10ish years ago when I wanted to get started again (but didn't), I have 7.5' leaders in several different sizes. Some are marked "tapered", some are not.
Now for the question... When using a tapered leader is a tippet still needed?


Ard 08-02-2010 04:32 PM

Re: Total new-b rigging questions

Welcome to the forum, no not usually unless the leader has a six pound tip and you want a four pound tip or etc. You will find many skilled members here willing to share as best they can via a computer in order to help you. I hope you'll remain active and become one of those skilled members helping others.


Are you in Alaska?

wjc 08-02-2010 06:33 PM

Re: Total new-b rigging questions
Welcome Vance,

If you are using tapered leaders, a tippet is not required. However, they are expensive, and most of us add a couple feet to the end of them so that we can use the same tapered leader for quite a long time.

If you buy a higher pound test tapered leader than you want in a 7 1/2" length, then you add 2 feet of tippet 5 lbs lighter, for instance, than the rated strength of the tapered leader, you wind up with a 9 1/2' leader with the tippet size you want.

Probably all those leaders you have are tapered. You can feel the taper by running one through your thumb and forefinger.


vanceinak 08-03-2010 12:39 AM

Re: Total new-b rigging questions
Thanks guys.

So what's your favorite knot for attaching tippet to leader??

Ard, I'm down in Kenai.
When I moved here from Oregon about 22 yrs ago I was a small river/creek fisher. The family I married into was strictly a salmon fishing family (Kenai River of course. My father in law was Les Anderson's (of king record fame) brother in law & was running the boat when les caught the big king), using only heavy spinning or bait casting gear, so on the rare occassion I fished that's what it was. Trying to break out of that mold & go chase some grayling, rainbows, & dollys on the fly. Also hope to chase silvers & pinks that way this year. I wanna put the "fun" back in fishing. I'd much rather catch half a dozen 14" trout on a fly in a day than a single 15# silver on baitcasting gear.

Ard 08-03-2010 12:51 AM

Re: Total new-b rigging questions

I answered you on the other thread also. You can catch plenty of salmon on your fly rod. Snoop around the AK. forums and you'll find lots of threads by me talking about how to do it. Really good to hear from a neighbor, sorta.


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