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  1. Question Which one do you target most ???

    We've seen lots of threads recently on various flies for
    various fish, but here's a question that might be better
    if it were asked first. ( I cannot remember if we've discussed
    this or not. )

    If you had only one fish that you could target, which one
    would it be ?

    Trout, panfish, bass, salmon, steelhead, tarpon ?????

    If you have had "flyfishing" in your blood for any length of
    time this maybe a really tough choice. For me, I love catching
    bluegills on a flyrod. For their size they put up one good fight.
    (can you imagine the fight, if they grew to the size of salmon &
    their fighting ability grew as their size did ?)

    It's great that we have been given such as vast array of targets &
    I thank the Maker for this gift.

    Tie One On

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    Default Re: Which one do you target most ???

    If I had to choose to target one species of fish (and as part of the deal, could fish for that species all year round), I would choose smallmouth bass. I like fishing for trout for the challenge, but I love the aggressive takes and the fight from a smallie.

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    Salt Tarpon Fresh Smallmouth because they actively fly as opposed to passively fly which is just a flop on the surface...after coming back to fresh this summer and having a 8-10 in river smallmouth take a 1/0 clouser on my 9 wt TCR and rocket out of the water...that's an amazing fish...

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    Default Re: Which one do you target most ???

    About all it can be for me is Trout, because that's really about all I have ever chased with the flyrod. It's just the direction I always seem to follow.
    98% of the waters I visit are geared towards Trout.

    I do want to go after big Carp soon, maybe this Summer, we'll see,
    Steelhead with a Spey rod kinda looks fun also.

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    Default Re: Which one do you target most ???

    I do 98% of my fishing for trout. 2% is for saltwater species of which my favorite would have to be Tarpon. You ain't seen nothin till a big Tarpon explodes on you fly and takes off runnin then Jumps 6 ft in the air. You talk about an adrenaline rush. WOW!!!
    My worst day on the water beats my best day anywhere else hands down!!

    Upstream Anglers and Outdoor Adventures

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    Trout! hands down, but the cool thing is that includes Cutts, Browns, Hybrids, Albino's, Golden and Rainbow. WAHOO!

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    Default Re: Which one do you target most ???

    Smallmouth during the summer months, trout all other months.

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    Default Re: Which one do you target most ???

    Pike, Pike, then some more Pike, after that when the weather gets warmer, Musky, then fall, more Pike, if by some chance a bass hits so be it.
    <*))))>< Fish with teeth ... If I ty it a fish will hit it

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    Trout/ Salmon for fresh, Blue fish for salt....

    If I had my pic of the world, I'd flat stalk Permit - never done it, but would love to.

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    Default Re: Which one do you target most ???

    Hi to all,

    Since this is a make believe question I will go with the 30+ inch Rainbows of the Kvichak River in Alaska. These fish are huge. They are like big Steelhead but they never go to sea. You sight fish for them and they are stupendous. Fishing for them is the ultimate trout fishing.


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