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  1. Default Trying to get myself back in it..

    I started out pretty young and got myself to be pretty good at fly fishing. I learned from some very talented people, as well as getting lucky at my university to learn from a very seasoned fisher, a guide from the wulff school.
    I did some real great fishing in Yellowstone and other parts of the country, but learned a lot in the catskills.
    Alas, the NYC grind has made it real hard. I've been in the hospital lately with some things and getting ready to get better I want to make my return to the rivers. Going through my gear, I still have my 5 wt, redington FS... forget all the logistics. But my complimenting reel is a redington also. I like them, it's worked for me. I have more than enough flies a man will need. My real question is this.

    Waders! I have awful awful awful boot waders that just plain stink. I'm looking to spend like 200-250 on some reliable waders that would do well in catskills streams and rivers, and would allow easy mobility, because I find myself moving around a lot between different locations when I fish.

    I was also thinking of going for some bigger fish, can anyone recommend an affordable outfit salmon fishing? Something under 200?

    First time poster here, thanks for any input. Look forward to talking on here with this community.

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    Default Re: Trying to get myself back in it..

    I am totally new to fly fishing so no real tech. advice but want to wish you a speedy recovery and hope your able to back on the water real soon.

    On the waders, check out the Orvis Silver Lable2. I just got a pair and they seem to be well made, with a good waranty, and in your price range.

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    Default Re: Trying to get myself back in it..

    Congrats on getting back into the sport. I made my first visit to your famous Catskill streams last May and had a blast on the Beaverkill and the West Branch. Trying to plan something for this year too...maybe a fall trip this time.

    As for the waders, I've never owned an expensive pair. I have no complaints about my $100 set from Cabelas. They are comfortable, haven't leaked and they are going into their fifth season. I would definitely recommend them but there are probably better options for what you're looking to spend.

    Check out the waders poll farther down the page.

  4. Default Re: Trying to get myself back in it..

    Welcome back to the sport, and I hope you get well soon. I am getting back into it myself after a long time away from it.
    There is a ton of new and improved gear to be had but the basics are still the same . I am looking for a new pair of waders also and the breathable ones with wading boots look like the way to go for me. But I will let some of the veterans chime in on this.
    You will find the people on this site very friendly and very willing to help answer any questions you have.

    Take care,

    Yukon Jack

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    Default Re: Trying to get myself back in it..

    Hello Quickfishingloris,

    Welcome back to fly fishing I have owned Orvis silver lable waders for several years now with no problems with the exception of falling and tearing a hole in a pair nice light weight breathables be shure to get a good pair of wadding boots with felt and studs as the Catskill streams and rivers can be very slippery make sure also to try on several pairs to get the right fit as it sounds you will be walking alot you'll want to comfortable.

    Allen Landheer
    Fly fishing is not for everyone..
    -Fly fishing since 1971-

  6. Default Re: Trying to get myself back in it..

    Looks like the silverlabels are a good bet. Is it me or has Orvis gotten more affordable? I think I'll just go to the Manhattan store so I can get the size perfect. In terms of boots, felt should do me well. I used to use rubber soles, so I got used to balancing in the most interesting of situations. Orvis has a good looking ultralight wading shoe. Under 100$. May go with this. Thanks guys.

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