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    Default Lower Susquehanna Smallmouth Bass dying

    My home waters! A horrible decline of almost all the bass in the river?

    In this video, local news, he claims "only the bass are sick" ...... bull cr*p! I have so many pix of carp, rockbass, and channel cats with the same legions on the fish.

    The bridge in the video is only 15 mins from my house. I think I know every rock in the river there?

    Once a gravel bottom, clean water, world class fishing paradise, and now a polluted, mud bottom cesspool!

    I used to catch >100 smallmouth bass with my 6wt every time I went out, and now it's only a memory!

    [ame=]Bass dying off in Susquehanna River - YouTube[/ame]

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    Default Re: Lower Susquehanna Smallmouth Bass dying

    Thanks rickf, greed and disregard are rampant, then the environment suffers and people ask "whats going on"? (response to posting regarding agricultural and industrial pollution, their effects, and apathy and ignorance of the general populace)

    Its curious - many environmentalists have a soft spot for fish and animals and thus vilify sportsman when the reality is we are natural allies. If environmentalists courted sportsman it would be a force to reckon with. (general statement)

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    Default Re: Lower Susquehanna Smallmouth Bass dying

    If I understand correctly, the local sportsman have been yelling about this for several years, the Commission hears but can't do anything until the DEP declares the river to be impaired, and the DEP won't take the fish lesions and severe population decline as enough evidence of a problem. I haven't fished the river more than once in the last two years because it's pretty much a waste of time. Like Rickf said, it used to be fantastic. I'd run down to the river on my lunch hour, land a few, and head back to work. Now I can fish all day and not get that many takes.

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