Here's an update for those interested in river access and usage

This past fall, we conducted surveys and found that people wanted more ways to take action on rivers in their area (no surprise!). Tangible ways for you to make an impact is NOR's focus for 2014, and here's the first release: Sending river law information packets to the government agency (or person) of your choice. What do the packets include? NORís groundbreaking resources: the poster & handout (River Law Handouts and Posters - National Organization for Rivers), Public Rights on Rivers book, and topped off by a NOR letter explaining the urgency of implementing and sharing this information with other law enforcement and locals. Learn more about this option by reading the blog, Take Your Stand and Be Empowered - National Organization for Rivers

We made a new page to go with this new option, showing where info packets have been sent. Check it out at Packets Sent To Government Agencies and Officials - National Organization for Rivers

Itís a dramatically different approach from what youíve probably heard before, but if youíre ready for change, take your stand and work with NOR to make it happen. Be empowered--help make rivers in your area and in our nation be "forever free."

Look forward to teaming up!