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  1. Default what hooked you?

    I got hooked when my dad came home with a fenwick fly rod for had an older pflueger medalist filled w/ floating line ,he handed me an old box of nymphs ,streamers and wet/drys, ..mostly double hook salmon as I remember.I took it up to a lake behind the house in westchester county ny ,,,,tied on a streamer and whacked a giant 5 pound largemouth bass~!--I WAS HOOKED---as I remember it was a grey ghost and boy did I fish it~!!!!.the windier it was the more fish I caught,.stripping line slowly- jerking the fly only to be excited once again at the ferocious strikes.~~phew~~what memories~~ MY HEART STILL POUNDS THINKIN' BOUT ' IT!!!

    ps:the sad part is, his girlfriend had german shorthair pointers ,THEY GOT HOLD OF MY ROD AND CHEWED IT TO SPLINTERS..~~I cried for a week~

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    Default Re: what hooked you?

    Was tired of spin fishing for trout and not getting a single hit when I'd see them feeding like crazy... Then I tested out my fly rod on other species and that's when the spinning rod went in the corner... And there it is still to this day collecting dust

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    Default Re: what hooked you?

    Tried it as a kid with my step dad's old rod n auto reel with a handful of old ratty dry flies. Started catching trout after a few lousy casts. Really started gettin into it and casting better. Woul run into other fly flingers on stream and get a little advice, tips etc. I really enjoyed it but never had a rod of my own til 30+ yrs later. Just happened to be talkin about fly fishing with my son while in the fishin section at Walmart when he pointed out the Shakespeare starter kit. Grabbed it, bought it, and let it sit unopened in the corner for a couple years until I decided to use it since my favorite trout reel finally crapped out. So I head out with a cheap rod n reel, 6 old flies that had been tucked away in my tackle box for 30 yrs, and I had a blast. Hung up in a tree only 1 time, casted like ****, but managed to catch a few fish.
    HOOKED! I don't get out as much as I would like, I still throw a spinner from time to time and enjoy that. But I really prefer flyfishing. I still use that cheap walmart rod occasionally, but love my TFO Pro.
    Sorry for the long post......

    tight lines everyone!!

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    Default Re: what hooked you?

    Let my daughter have a pet rabbit. It escaped and ate all my St Croix musky and pike casting rods last year. I knew that day that God wanted me to buy as many flyrods and reels as I possibly could. I haven't let him down so far.

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  7. Default Re: what hooked you?

    love seein' the stories ,,keep em' comin'~!
    put a rod in my hand,water at my feet and NOW I AM ONE AT PEACE~!

  8. Default Re: what hooked you?

    Caught this fish.

    (and I did not realize I was flipping the camera off until I got home... oops)

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    Default Re: what hooked you?

    My Dad got me into it, but the hobby sort of came and went. Flyfishing was like that up until I was about 23-24 (which was only 6-7 years ago), though I had always fished with conventional tackle through the years. I was fishing for steelhead with spinning tackle with a buddy when I caught my first one... spent the rest of that winter fishing 3-4 times a week and catching loads of steelhead (mostly on jigs and spinners).

    Spent that summer living at my Dad's place on a river, fishing pretty much every day for trout. Fished for steelhead on conventional tackle all the following winter, and towards the end of the season I picked up an old Loomis 8-weight and caught my first fly-caught steelhead on a bunny leech. Got heavily back into trout fishing that spring, and picked up a spey rod the following fall. This was all in Oregon... now living in the Caribbean with fishing opportunities coming out of my ears (though just ending a year long hiatus from fishing this week).

    I'd have to say the one time that really set off the downward spiral of flyfishing addiction was the summer at my Dad's. I was swinging a woolly bugger for trout when I hooked up a steelhead on my 5-weight and nearly doused my drawers. It sort of set a glimmer in my eye, and it was all I could think about... well, for years. Getting that feeling back again now, and it's awesome.

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    Default Re: what hooked you?

    I wished that River Runs Through It just kept on running and didn't stop in my head.
    I am highly qualified to comment in this forum after receiving a Specialized High Intensive Training (S.H.I.T) at the Olde Schitt Institute of Technology (O.S.H.I.T).

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    Default Re: what hooked you?

    i got a cortland combo for my 6th birthday, came with a vhs on how to fly fish, watched over and over. to this day i have not caught nor tried to catch a trout on spin gear

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    Default Re: what hooked you?

    I grew up doing a lot of trolling from a boat, throwing rooster tails in small streams on spinning rigs. Then at about 11 we moved on to 40 acres and my step grandpa had 200acres next to us with about a 2 acre pond stocked years earlier with Largemouth bass and perch. I use to get up at 5am as a 10/11 year old boy and walk the mile to his pond. Mind you it was on private property and. No on fished it for probably 5 years before I did and I was the only one who fished it for years. I guess I should have texted or tweeted or snapchated where I was at, I guess they either knew or didn't care where I went.

    Well as I got in to catching bass my dad used to tell me stories of fly fishing with his dad in Southern Oregon on the Rogue (before lost creek damn) the Umpqua and the ones out by Butte Falls. He would always say wait til you hook a 18" brown on a fly rod, you will never bass fish again. So for my 12th birthday dad gets me a 8'6" Silstar 5/6 wt with a Shakespeare automatic reel (still have them in my garage) . Off dad and I went up above Applegate lake towards Carberry Creek. Throwing big ole Royal Coachmans and Stimulators. I caught a whopper he went at least 6" . I was hooked and fished until I left to college. After that I moved to Las Vegas and found myself in the bottom of a beer bottle. I got sober, married my wife and moved to Colorado April of 2005. Well I was talking to my mom and said I swear to all that's holy if I don't fish these beautiful waters just shoot me. God bless my mom, my birthday rolls around in June and she sends me money for my Birthday in a card that says

    "Honey go get a fly pole"

    love mom

    Rest is history

    PS still waiting to hook that 18" Brown, but I know where he is sitting and I'm gonna get him this summer.
    "The fish you're gonna find up here, you're gonna find; Rainbow,Cuttbow,CuttBrowns,Brownbows,RainBrowns,
    CuttyRainbrowns, Pike ,Perch"

    "Snap it" Hank Patterson

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