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Thread: Lanyards

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    I've never tried one. I use a small waist pack with my leader and tippet, 2 very small fly boxes, nippers and forceps, couple granola bars. Would like to get a vest again for longer day trips. Don't think I could get used to having something hangin around my neck swinging around.

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    I agree that "swinging" lanyards are no good. However, mine hardly moves, even bending over, because I clip my hemos to my shirt, and put one or both of the fly boxes in a pocket. That holds the lanyard on my chest. I know some that just have a small clip on the bottom of the lanyard that clips on their shirt too. Its easy to keep from swinging.

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    Like others, I bought some cheap Para cord and made my own. If I am going for a while, I take it with a small waist pack. If it is a quick jaunt after work, it's just me, the rod and the lanyard.

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    i recently returned from a trip to Montana and the lanyards are really great on float trips so i am making one....I can't find the foam tubing for the neck. An alligator clip in the front keeps the thing from swinging out and also counter balances the small landing net i will incorporate in to this contraption...the only thing holding me up is the foam tubing....

    any ideas?

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    I also wonder where to get the neoprene tubings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibookje View Post
    I also wonder where to get the neoprene tubings.
    check out dive shops.....

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    I made a small modification to a RedHead waist pack and it's making me think of selling my never used (tags still on) orvis mesh vest

    added D rings to attach a strap (keeps the pack from sliding down)

    and I added a spring clip from an old pocket knife to the handle of my net as the pack has loops for extra accessories (read EXPENSIVE items they feel you need)

    net stays close and tight and right at my fingertips

    the pack has numerous pockets/slits/pouches that hold more than the vest
    I get my 4 Large size fly boxes in the two end and one front pocket

    I'm just not big on lanyards

    but then that's me

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    I made my own foam tubing. Picked up a pack of craft foam sheets at Walmart. Rolled a sheet around a piece of thin dowel and then glued it. Put a full rolled sheet at the back so the lanyard sits comfortably on my neck and cut smaller rolled pieces that I have in front to separate whatever I have attached. As a bonus the rolled foam separator pieces in the front can also be used to hold flies to dry instead of a patch.

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    Many closed cell tubings available but I'm looking for the open cell tubes.

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    Pipe insulation? You can find it your home / hardware store.

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    I had slimmed down to a belt pack and a lanyard, but the belt pack kept dipping in the water and the lanyard is a lot of stuff jingling around your neck. I use the Vedavoo sling pack, which is small and light and has the tools hanging out when in use, kind of like a lanyard.

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