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Thread: Rep points

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    In trying to send rep points, I am able to send points by selecting the " scale " logo on a post, but when I try to add a message, I get bounced off the forum and sent to my Google search bar. ( I'm using a tablet ) At that point I have to send a PM to the recipient letting him know why I wanted to send the points in the first place.
    Anyone else run into that ? How do you work around it ?
    I also tried to send points to the same person, on two separate occasions, but got bounced back the second time. I felt the points were deserved and wanted to reward someone for what they had done, but it looks like you can't send points to the same member twice in a row.
    Any light you guys can shed on the rep point system would be appreciated
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    I use an Ipad and whenever I hit the scales and type the first letter the page disappears, but when I hit the scales a 2nd time that first letter is there and I can go ahead and type a brief message.

    The site does not let you give rep points to the same person twice in a row, you have to spread it around.

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    Default Re: Rep points

    It must have something to do with your device, I have never heard of that before and have no suggestions.

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