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    Default Trout bummin' later in life

    So in about 8 years I will be able to retire from my HS teaching position. I love what I do and I am not sure I’ll be ready to hang it up at that time, but if I did I think I might like to sell my house and most of my worldly possessions, hook my drift boat up to some sort of truck/camper, and head out into the world trout bummin’. My wife is all for the idea. The idea of living frugally and simply doing what we love is intoxicatingly attractive. She is a lot younger than I am and a free spirit. It might be a fun adventure for a few years!

    Anyway… have any of you done this sort of thing? Know anyone who has? What would the monthly costs be roughly? What am I not considering? Insurance is a consideration. Other thoughts on this crazy plan?
    "Calling Fly Fishing a hobby is like calling Brain Surgery a job."

    -Paul Schullery

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    Default Re: Trout bummin' later in life

    Follow your dreams. You never know where they will take you.

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    mridenour Guest

    Default Re: Trout bummin' later in life

    Sounds awesome! Hope you can work it out.

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    Default Re: Trout bummin' later in life

    Great thought !
    I see a reality TV series in your future. Mr. and Mrs Troutbum....Life on the stream.

    I'd tune in. Duck Dynasty meets Swamp People. But....So much better with a fly rod.

    Seriously, that's a long way out, but it sounds great. I hope it works out for you.
    " I'm just a cook " Casey Ryback, Under Siege

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    Smile Re: Trout bummin' later in life

    This is a post of my dreams. I too am thinking about retiring in 3 years. We would love to spend some extended time in...Montana....

    Cost......What is the cost of living a dream?

    Thanks and have a great day
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    Default Re: Trout bummin' later in life

    There used to be a great website on the vagabonding lifestyle.
    Lots of information on DIY van conversion, free/stealth camping, finding national forest campground hosting "jobs", health and financing concerns and everything in between.
    The site seems to be gone.
    Maybe they took their own good advice
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements.” --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Trout bummin' later in life

    In an earlier life, I taught HS as well. My wife was a teacher too.

    Having spent our whole life (some 25 years ) living in Connecticut, we decided to take one whole summer and go see the country. We camped, backpacked and fished all the way to Washington and down the coast to CA.

    We hit most of the big national parks and major mountain ranges along the way....spent 8 weeks doing it.

    I always said that the best thing about teaching (on a personal level) was that you got to practice retirement for 8-10 weeks every year.

    Seems like you can practice and hone your dream for the next 8 summers.

    Tight Lines!


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    Default Re: Trout bummin' later in life

    I have been a "part time" trout bum my whole adult life...and was more so through the good old days in the 70's. I've known many a man and a few couples that have lived what you are proposing. But you are asking questions most of them did not. Insurance, budgets, security...NOT in the trout bums normal lexicon. Many wind up guiding but there are a lot of footloose young guides in Montana these days. Some take to tackle shops for a little income but then they are not fishing. Some have tried to write or photograph fishing...this worked OK back in the day but is harder know because of the ease of digitality...any talentless individual can record and PhotoShop a publishable image.

    An old pal of mine, a big, strong, bright, talented, well educated Easterner, gave up on making it in the urban world early on and moved to Idaho. He married a local woman, they ran a fly shop for a while, they both tied seriously fine flies, he was a master guide on difficult water. They never made a nickel but threw dinner parties for all us more seasonal trout bums at midnight after fishing and drinking. She divorced him and took up with one of his better healed Eastern buddies. He lived in his camper truck towing a heavy old drift boat. Eventually he wintered in a cabin in a small trout town and wrote a fine and detailed book, I do not believe it was ever seriously considered for publication. But in the summer we would meet up on whatever stream was having the best flows, temps and hatches. He bought the cheapest bath tub vodka (don't gift me the good stuff, it will spoil me) and gave up on graphite rods, fishing only cane, fine cane on his preferred spring creek environments. He said, "You can go to the opera, great concerts and museums when you go home, I have to settle for PBS broadcasts. But I can walk out my door and fish this creek when ever it is above freezing." He was a great angler and a true free spirit, a trout bum to model trout bums after, he had a few skirmishes with the law, never really recovered from his wife breaking his heart and, though he made many friends among the society of hard core anglers, he died alone from an unresolved recurring medical problem. He had VA benefits but no VA hospital any where near his fishing grounds, he had no other insurance, no will and no money other than what his magnificent flies brought in and those too he freely gave away.
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    Talking Re: Trout bummin' later in life

    live free while you can ,
    cause y'll be a long time gone someday.

    the universe in a drop of water

    Norta Mudzoory

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    Default Re: Trout bummin' later in life

    Parsond: We have a member Muzzy (muzz flaco) that is about 35 years old and single, he quit his job (totally bored with it) and went on a several month fly fishing sabbatical. He came up to Wyoming in his travels and I fished with him, a float on the Green, another float on the New Fork and wade fished below Fontenelle and had a great time together. I have his email address/phone number, if interested I could pass that to you to see if he will respond. He would definitely know what it costs to live the trout bum life and give you some great insight into what he ran into. Here is his trip thread, I have asked him to put up some more photos and tell what he did after the last post, he said he would once he got some free time. I gathered that he had found a new job that was keeping him pretty busy.
    Kung Fu Sabbatical 13


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