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    Quote Originally Posted by fly_guy12955 View Post
    I tied a passable parachute,,it'll do...but I've wondered if the gallows thing you can get for your vise that hold your post up snug vertically really helps a lot? I'd bout get one for my Regal if I thought it really made things easier.

    I usually tie my wing posts with calf or goat body hair, and I have found that if I lay base wraps around the bottom of the post it's plenty stiff enough to wrap the hackle without a gallows tool. So I've never bothered to try one. If you're using a flimsier material like polypro yarn or cul de canard or duck flank or turkey flats for your posts, though, a gallows tool might be handy.

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    Default Re: Parachute vs Traditional

    I disagree that traditional palmered hackled dry flies and parachute flies are equivalent.

    As stated by several earlier posters the fly body is in the film because the hackle is above the body. A parachute imitates a late state emerger and not a fully emerged dry fly. Thus it imitates a state that is more vulnerable that an emerged dry fly that can fly off at any time.

    "Most fly fishers think of the Parachute Adams as an adult dun imitation, but in reality it is an emerger. In stage 3 the nymphal or pupal body is just under the film and the legs are spread out on the surface to support the body. The body sticks almost straight up, with the wings plastered tightly along the top of the thorax as they continue pulling up and out of the wing pads."

    Film Flies | Five Stages Of Insect Emergence And The Best Flies To Imitate| 1


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