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    Default Re: Fishpond Nomad Nets

    Quote Originally Posted by fly_guy12955 View Post
    I got a longer handle net,,,and I find it helps me not have to wobble over stones when netting a fish. AND, I stopped carrying it on a magnetic thing and just stick it in my belt in back,,
    Hi Craig,

    I have the long handle net and carry like Mike describes above. I like it and as advertised they serve as a wading staff when needed. If you find yourself going after really big fish look to the boat net because of the larger hoop. The guide size with the 13 X 18 is good until the fish are over 2 foot. You can still scoop them but you need some finesse on larger fish to get them in the bag.

    All in all based on the fact that I chose the size I bought I give it a 10 out of 10 rating.


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    Default Re: Fishpond Nomad Nets

    Yep I thought long and hard on the long handle though most of my fishing will be from banks and probably little to no boat fishing, as for wading I do little wading of the rivers as I spend a lot of time around low head roller dams and spillways. Late summer with low water I may do some wading though it is mostly wet wading at that point.

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