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    With Spring just around the corner, I bet everyone is itching to get the dry fly box out. So whats your farvorite and best working fly?

    We use parachute adams and royal wuffs. They seem to work the best in Wyoming waters.
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    i was tying dries with an extended bodies with deer hair on a short hook with dun colored hen wings trimed to a mayfly profile and 2 counterwound hackles with the bottom sector cut out for a flush float---i was tying them to match the hatch down to about size 14--they worked great for hendricksons and march browns
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    My favorite would have to be stimulators & renegades! I am biting at the bits to head to New Mexico rivers. I recently started tying and i can not wait to try my flies out!

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    My favorite fly has a very long name ("Wilcox's J.C. Special Pheasant Tail")
    It is big and ugly, not delicate and elegant, and I can't really see that it matches any hatch I know of. But, aesthetics aside, it really works well.
    I originally bought these as strike indicators for when I was fishing a dropper nymph rig. I began getting so many hits on the "indicator" that I began fishing these stand-alone dry flies.
    I used to tie on a parachute adams as my go-to dry fly. This "ugly bug" as I calll it has now become my favorite.
    As an added bonus, the big high-vis parachute on these things means that I can see the fly better on the water.

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    My favorite dry is a BWO in 18-20.

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    “What is your favorite dry fly”? Wow! What a tough question. I guess whatever is on the water at the time would be my favorite. A size 10 March Brown or a size 24 Trico or any size Caddis or Mayfly that the trout are rising for. In the summer time it might be a cricket or a hopper or an ant. I guess I really don’t have a ‘favorite dry fly'. But, dry fly fishing sure is my favorite way to fish.

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    Guess my favorites would be parachute adams and para bwo - both in sizes 20-24. A close second is the old standby elk hair caddis. None of these are too terribly hard to tie (well, the 24s are a little tedious!), and they catch fish.


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    Default Re: Favorite DRy Fly

    Thats kind of a tough question. In general the hot fly changes here each season. Last year it was a para PMD with an extended body. But if I had to choose an over all productive fly for this area it would be a yellow Stimi.
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    Default Re: Favorite DRy Fly

    Salmon Fly's or hoppers are by far my favorite. Size 2-6.

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    Joe's Hopper was my best producer. But that was before I got my new vise.

    If I could tie like "philthy" then I would use the small stuff, but for now I like a big Drake!

    A couple years ago, a guy tied on a huge popper and the trout went nuts with it! I'll never forget that. When I use a white dry, I can see it from 50' away.

    Also a BWO, store bought 14, is a trout magnet in central PA. Soon I'll be tying my own BWO!

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