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Thread: TFO 10wts?

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    Default Re: TFO 10wts?

    Hi William, I have no idea about the 10wt rod but I did build a TFO Pro. It was a 9' 5wt, I like the rod and gave it to my brother. The label comes off with denatured alcohol as it is not covered with a finish.

    I have an 8wt Deer Creek Switch I am getting ready to start on two. I think TFO is tough to beat for buck, specially for a blank. You can make it into a pretty nice rod.


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    Thanks! The Pro is the first I was looking at, at $80 I couldn't believe the blank price. Wasn't sure how it would be in the upper weights but glad to know the 5wt was a sweet rod. For that price it'll be on my radar for sure.
    - William

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    Fished the TICR 10 wt for muskies with a cortland type 6 full sink line for a couple seasons. The rod cast very well and had lots of lifting power.

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    [/COLOR]I really like my BVK 10 wt ! But with that being said I had the opportunity to cast the Mangrove at the Somersett Show ! It was really nice! I can't attest to its fish fighting ability but it casts bullets!

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    And the TFO rep who gave me the test run was Blane Chocklett a Virginia Musky Guide and he loves the Mangrove!
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    I fish a ten wt bvk that i fish saltwater and muskys for I really like it. I cast a 450 grain on it no problem and it handles large flies well.

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    Heres a few fish taken on my TFO Professional 10wt. It is a great rod and easy to cast. it handles hard pulling fish with good fighting techniques. But I was a bit frustrated throwing depth charge lines and massive flies for musky. Its got too slow of flex for real heavy work.

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    Fantastic feedback. Thanks! jbird I like those fish! I appreciate your comments on the pro. The price is very tempting but I think it'll be worth spending a bit more given the size of the flies I'll be throwing.

    Paflyfisher, thanks for the comments on the BVK. I'm sure most are fine but the reports of breakage are a bit too much risk for me to take. Had that happen once due to a faulty blank and it was annoying to rewrap the thing not to mention not having the rod for awhile.

    Josh and Boz, I think Mangrove and TiCrX are my shortlist. Do you now if there's much difference between the TiCr and the TiCrX? I see both blanks for sale on their site but don't see finished TiCr rods listed. Has anyone cast both in a given length / weight?

    Thanks again for the info.
    - William

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    The TiCr's are broom sticks. They are extremely fast rods. Maybe the stiffest rod Ive ever wiggled. I bought one years ago and traded it back in immediately for a TiCrx. Almost the same taper but theres more whip in the tip. Much more user friendly rod. they are a bit heavy tho. I have a TiCrx 8wt and 12wt. Theyre good rods. If you can find a Mangrove blank, I believe of the whole TFO lineup, this is the best suited for Musky work.
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    I have a 9wt Professional that I use for salmon. I really like it and have caught fish up to 25 lbs. on it.

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    You might want to look at Colton rods. Call the guy and talk with him. I have 2 and I like them a lot. I have never tried to cast 12" flies however. They do have lots of backbone.

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