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    Default Re: Resume for a Fly Shop questions??

    I've worked for and managed a few fly shops and also worked for a reel company. Knowledge is very necessary, but beyond that is the ability to be personable to clients, and be a salesman. Especially in Fly fishing where everything is MSP (manufacturer set pricing), there needs to be a reason they buy from you and not either online or the next shop down the road. That's where you come in. Be cool, be knowledgable, and the cardinal sin is NEVER EVER talk or look down on someone. The funny reality is probably 85% of your buyers can't cast more than 20ft. or saw "A river runs through it" and now want to fish….they may not be the flyfishing 1%-ers like us….but if you treat them like they are, those are the people who will drop $1000 plus on combos left and right…and THAT sir will make your boss damn happy!!!

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    Default Re: Resume for a Fly Shop questions??

    Thanks again everyone for the input and a special thanks to Trout Trekker for the lengthy response and the tips. I understand that I need to start at the bottom and vacuuming floors and taking lunch orders I have no problem with in exchange for knowledge and fishing connections. I will definitely take all suggestions to heart. My original plan was to just travel all summer and fly fish however as my passion has turned into absorbing the industry and the lifestyle as much as possible and I couldn't think of a better way but to spend some time in a respected fly shop surrounded by great fishing. I would love a position in a fly shop to turn into year around and even allow me the time to go to school next winter for fisheries conservation/management. I think I have found a few shops and am waiting to get all my ducks in a row before I break the ice and send out my resume.
    Hardy reels I have thought soon about calling the shops to introduce myself and break the ice but before that I want to make sure my resume is ready to be sent out because I have a feeling they are going to want to see it. I have spent a few years west of Denver and know the area well. im in maine because I got offered a job for the winter that has allowed me to save enough money to only work part time this summer. It has also kept me isolated in the middle of nowhere and I have spent most nights at my vise tying. i'am however very excited to be back in Colorado and beyond this summer. I can tell you I have been traveling on the weekend to winter fish some eastern tailwaters and im learning a lot but how I miss the western tailwater fishing.

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    Default Re: Resume for a Fly Shop questions??

    Specialty retail is a tough gig.

    Knowing a bit about fly fishing, is, most of the time not enough. Even though, To many times I have had to school a shop employee about there products.

    I know a couple of owners of VERY well established shops and they still do there own vacuuming and cleaning.

    There are probably many good people looking for the same position you are. Bottom line is , you need to be able to provide something of value. Not just fly fishing knowledge. That part is a no brainer. Marketing, merchandizing, tech support, SEO, teaching, mentoring and CSR ....but, most importantly, being a trusted adviser.

    Understanding VBS(value based selling) is paramount. If utilized correctly your not selling......your customer will be more than happy to purchase from you over and over and they will go out of there way to do so. Never with the uncomfortable felling of being sold. Most refuse to change or retrain....the reason many shops are closed and many more are on the verge.

    A couple of years back, I had a shop that was almost to convenient to stop at. It was between home and my favorite stream. I actually HATED to go there. That day I left my floatant and my fav. fly box at home. So, I stop in...get some floatant and tippet. I asked if he had a specific fly....He was a new employee.....Nope...none. A couple of weeks pass and I find myself back needing leader and shot. He see's me and lights up. Said, he couldnt find that fly with any he tied up a couple of dozen!! Even though I now had plenty....I bought all of them. They also earned me back as a full time customer. That young man is now a very successful manf. rep.

    You might be more valuable than you think. Think outside the box and always be thinking WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP....Employee or not!

    The others gave GREAT advise. Having folks here like Ard and TT to give priceless.

    Good luck, hopefully I will see you in Denver!


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    Default Re: Resume for a Fly Shop questions??

    Five star thread going here.

    'My business' had zero relationship to fishing but all of the above was what I was looking for ..... Most of my 'hires' were fairly Sr. Citizen's (40's and up) and I paid them very-very well. Probably why when I posted a position I had (internal and external) people all over me.

    One of my best hires was a lady that had zero experience in what my department did so I went to my favorite question: 'Give me a broad out line of how this company works.'

    Next 30 minutes were worth every second of my time. She "nailed it." Hired her on the spot and substantially increased her income. Took some time to 'train her up' but worth every moment. When she started (her old salary) was about $1,300/month; when I retired she was making close to $4,000/month.

    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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