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Thread: Your help is needed!

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    Default Your help is needed!

    Earlier this month I went to donate blood. I made my appointment a month or so ahead of time and I had gotten several reminders via email and even a phone call practically begging me to show up. With all the terrible weather, a lot of blood drives have been cancelled entirely and turn-outs have been less than expected when they do manage to get a drive in.

    For many years I didn't donate my blood. I figured I had a good excuse. I was really scared of needles. It turns out that I need to be willing to get over my being scared to help other people out. If the reason you don't give blood is because you are afraid, please give it a try. Giving blood actually saves lives. You can do this!

    There is a real need all the time for blood but even more so now. If you are requested to, please consider giving "Double Reds". It is a weird process and it involves some minor discomfort but your donation goes twice as far and is in the hospital within 72 hours. I've done it and the worst part for me was that I got cold by the end of the process.

    I know that this has nothing to do with fly fishing but I really feel like people need to be aware of how much good they can do with so little effort. I can go sit in line for a while and get stuck with a needle and lives are saved. There isn't much more bang for the buck out there anywhere.

    A lot of times I want to help others but I just can't afford to do a whole lot. This doesn't cost me anything.

    For those of you who give, thank you.

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    Default Re: Your help is needed!

    Mike: You are the Man! I applaud you, when I was in the service I gave blood every year, but now due to the meds I take I can't give blood, but hopefully we have enough folks like you that will step up and help others by donating blood. Amen to you brother!


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