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  1. Default Where is your favorite place to fish?

    My favorite trout stream is the White River in Arkansas. The things that I love the most about the White are the diversity of areas to fish: calm water, riffles, runs, deep holes, drop-offs, rushing water, plenty of shoals, etc. For me, standing out IN the water, as opposed to being ON the water is what trout fishing is all about. I love the water rushing around me, the peace I find out there in the river, being in the fish's habitat.

    Catching trout is thrilling as well, but I catch plenty of fish here in Texas while warmwater fishing. For myself I love the change from boating to wading and look forward with great anticipation to each trip up there to Arkansas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cliff Hilbert
    I catch plenty of fish here in Texas
    And East Texas is you favorite... right???

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    Mine has to be the dream stream section of the South Platte in CO. I still remember my first time fishing there and how bizarre it was.

    You drive up to the place and look around wondering where in the world the good fishing is in this big brown expanse of nothing. Then you get to the river and become dumbfounded by how incredibly perfect that trout water is. You've got gravel and sand and deep holes and undercut banks and that green moss that becomes the greenest possible color of green when the sun hits it. You can see big trout everywhere, and they are wiser in the ways of that river than you are.

    Favorite spot in Texas is the Guadalupe just east of Waring, TX. The river is almost completely canopied by bald cypress trees on both sides and stays cool even in august. The trees are high enough to where casting is rarely a problem. There are a bunch of bass that hit flies even in fast water. This is just upstream from the Joshua Creek Ranch.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Henry's Fork of the Snake River, located in Eastern Idaho.

    After flowing through Box Canyon the river slows down and widens once it emerges from its narrow tumbling course. Flowing gently past abundant weed beds this area resembles a giant spring creek more then the definition of a river would depict. This seven mile stretch through Last Chance and Harriman State Park is not only home to an abundance of large wild rainbows and Browns but also a diversity of aquatic life. Blinding hatches of mayflies and caddis come off during the spring, summer, and fall. Delicate and accurate casts are necessary here in order to be consistently successful. Some days it may seem like you need a six weight to reach the fish but a four weight in order to not spook them. A nine foot five weight rod is generally an excellent choice here. Don't forget your light tippets especially when the flies get small. Hatches are excellent on Henry's Fork. It is one of the most prolific of all the first class rivers of the western states. Mayflies include Pale Morning Duns, Blue-winged Olives, Green Drakes, Gray Drakes, and Mahogany Duns as well as a few other less significant ones. Caddis are also extremely prolific along with stoneflies such as Golden Stones, Salmon Flies, and Yellow Sallies. These hatches, although not as diverse as the Delaware River in New York State, are extremely prolific. Blizzard hatches of these insects are possible on any given day during the season.

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    Favorite? The Sacramento Delta.

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    Goldbar, WA this little river called wallace river, where the sttehead roam free and the trout are always looking to take you for a ride. Also the raging river in fall city, WA. Its not big and not deep, so you have to be smart, because they are always watching you!

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