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Thread: Pontoon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joni View Post
    The NFO Renegade is a 9' pontoon that weighs 28 lbs. Easy on the back right there. The seat is totally adjustable unlike the molded plastic seats. Adjust the air in the seat area, plus the side straps allow tilting the seat back if needed.
    However if you are looking for a standing platform, the Outlaw X5 offers one of the largest platforms. It weighs 65 lbs and is 10'6" long.
    I have broke my back 3 times so I understand the ache. On Stillwater however, I rarely stand, or should say, I stand less than I thought I would. BUT, I can if I want to, so that is a plus ;-)
    This is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you for your input, I will look at the NFO Renegade and the Outlaw X5!

    Quote Originally Posted by paulw2 View Post

    just got this renegade yesterday ,I was looking at the rampage ,but I am very happy with this, size wise I too broke my back so weight was a factor for me ,haven't had it near water yet but I know this will work for me when I have no one else to fish with out the drift boat
    For some reason I cannot see the pictures. I will look at this too.

    Quote Originally Posted by rickf View Post
    You really don't need to stand on a pontoon? And if you like to paddle ...... then get a kayak? or small canoe?

    The ultimate float tube / pontoon hybrid is the Outlaw Escape IMHO. Exclusively made for Cabelas, only $700 (still a Dave Scadden, with the best valves and bladder-less) 600 lb capacity and only 24 lbs, with oars.

    So easy to use. Just get some "flip fins" and carry the light 'toon any place you like. Plenty of storage. I put a fish finder on mine.
    If I was to get a Kayak or Canoe I would look at a Hobie Fishcat but I do not want to spend that type of money and believe for fly fishing a personal pontoon will serve me better.

    I will look at the Outlaw Escape. Thanks for your help!

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    The more research that I do the more I believe a framed personal pontoon that is rated for class 3 water and has a trolling motor mount is the way to go. Any river fishing that I do with this raft will have class 2-3 water in it and I'm not comfortable going through that type of water in something without a frame. Moreover, when fishing larger lakes I would have the ability to mount a trolling motor on the floorboard and buzz across the lake. This will especially come in handy when facing wind which is fairly common in the summers in Colorado.

    All that said I did not expect to have to spend $1,500-2,000 on a PWC I will have to either find something used or wait a little longer to pick something up.

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    First of all, I've had Bucks, Outcast, Leigh and NFO boats. And I've been doing this for a while. No affilitation with NFO, just know Dave and love the boats.
    you or anyone else is looking for a float tube, then the Escape would be an excellent choice. It's a float tube on steroids. The Humvee of the float tube world complete with oars. 6' and 24 lb. (but not a Cabelas exclusive btw)

    But since you mentioned you're interested in a standing platform, Joni posted about the Scadden/North Fork Outlaw X5
    Framed, u-shaped toon. Very, very stable since it is a one piece inflatable.
    I'm not a big fan of casting decks on a kickboat in stillwater. I see no advantage to it really.

    I ran a 5 HP Nissan on it for a year, but it was a hassle compared to an electric motor. If it had electric start- that would be another story
    I turned my frame around and ran it Zodiac style.

    I'm a big fan of the frameless Scadden boats. I think they're more comfortable and at close to 60 years old I want comfort. With the hard plastic "padded" seats, I had to go into shore every couple hours to un-numb my arse. Not so with the frameless- padded soft seat clips to the inflatable seat area and you control the softness or hardness by letting air out or pumping more in.
    I did have the Renegade, but sold if for the Predator. Renegade is 28 lb. I think, but the Predator is the ultra light boat at 14 lb. without the bags.
    Renegade is 9' long and the Predator is 8' long.


    Very easy to manuever and row and carry because of the light weight. All frameless boats deflate and fold up very small, so you don't need a truck to haul one around.

    If you're still thinking about a conventional framed kickboat (two pontoons strapped to the frame) and casting/standing deck then you might want to look at the NFO SkykomishSunrise H2o
    Skykomish Sunrise H2O | North Fork Outdoors

    The NFO boats are expensive, but they are bladderless and have welded seams and a lifetime warranty and are made in here in Utah. I don't work for NFO, but I've known Dave Scadden for close to 20 years.
    FWIW, there is a lot of Renegade fans on this site
    Hopefully what I posted will help others get and idea of what is out there in the Scadden line. If anyone has any questions, we can start a new thread.

    Here's the new bad arse in town....
    Life is not like a bowl of cherries. It's more like a jar of ghost peppers. What you eat today might burn your ass tomorrow...

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    I just wanted to add to this, the Frame on the X5 and The Skykomish are the same frame (the X5).
    As I stated earlier, they are the biggest standing platform on a pontoon out there. Bigger is good when standing. The standing deck slides under the seat and the lean bar flips over your head when not in use.
    Word of caution. Because the lean bar flips back, do not try to use it to support yourself if you need to sit down or a sense of falling. Grab the back of the seat.

    One last suggestion I would like to make is the NEW Fusion DST.
    New 2015 Outlaw Fuzion DST | North Fork Outdoors

    It offers all the features you are looking for. Without the lean bar will require some balance. I have not used one yet as the stillwater is still frozen so I can't give hands on info. But it will be great for my Carp/bow fishing this year.

    On the motor. Some more advice, take the bolt out of the motor head and turn the prop 180. So the prop is facing the same direction as the control handle. Mount it to the back deck using a piece of 2 x 4 which is not included with the deck. Let the motor pull you for hands free fishing. They do not track great going forward, but it can be done. Much more energy efficient to pull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mojo View Post
    the Escape would be an excellent choice. It's a float tube on steroids. The Humvee of the float tube world complete with oars. 6' and 24 lb. (but not a Cabelas exclusive btw)

    I stand corrected! Here in PA, they carry a Scadden "red" Outlaw Escape exclusive to only Cabelas? maybe it's just the red, or maybe advertising?

    I love the Outlaw Escape! I never use the oars, I purchased the yellow Scadden flip fins. I just toss on my roof rack (generic rack for $20) (a few on this site already mentioned to me to get some straps? I only use a couple bungi cords LOL). The tube / 'toon is so well made ..... welded with bladder-less. Modern valves and it just doesn't lose any air at all.

    I put it on my shoulder (I'm 6'4" so it fits nicely without dragging on the ground) and I carry my fly rod and fish finder in my other hand. I use it for fly fishing in several local lakes and ponds! I couldn't think of anything better to use?

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    It could be the exclusive Red color, or the fact that Cabela's is the only retailer that sells them, but you can still get them direct.
    You talked of how easy it is to pack, I had to share this photo. The gentleman in the photo is a good friend Ron. He is 82 years young in this picture and the boat is the Renegade. This parking is up hill from this lake, and he hauled the boat down and back up by himself. Oh and he is about 5'9" tall.

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    Joni, rickf and mojo, thank you so very much for the information. I will dig into the boats that are listed and let you know what I go with.

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    Check out my portable Humminbird 110 (only $112 at WalMart) inside a 2' hunk of PVC and secured with two rubber straps.
    Sometimes I take my oars along. Same oar holder as the blue one:

    jumpin' Largemouth:

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    rickf, so you know, I and Mojo had an Escape. Mine the blue, his the red in the corner.

    For Sonar, We both have regular Hummingbird. Mine is quite old but still finds the depth and fish for me.
    I went to the local Tent shop here and bought 2" wide nylon strap, some adjusters, and quick clip. I then bought some flexible cutting boards. I have the RAM mount for my sonar. The Transducer I put on a foot long piece of PVC. I used a bolt, some washers and a wing nut on the transducer so I can tighten by hand.
    Ended up with a universal Fish Finder as I do have a few boat choices ;-) . I also use small alarm 12Volt battery that I just put in one bag or beside my seat.

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    I see pix of a awful lot of neat pontoons that you and mojo have. I'm jealous! If I had great water like you, and a place to put them, ..... I would do the very same thing.

    original thread starter:

    Dude, before you buy a 'toon ...... check out why Rebecca likes the Outlaw Escape the best!

    This little girl lugs the Escape around with no trouble at all! ..... she casts a fly rod pretty good also?

    [ame=]Cabela's - NFO Outlaw Pontoon Boat - YouTube[/ame]

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    I've had the Renegade for about a month now and I cant believe how stable, light and maneuverable it is. I just ordered an Escape for my son yesterday for his birthday. I had to so my fishing buddy can continue to fish with me.

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