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    Default Heilos or Sage one

    Looking to buy a high end rod which 5 wt would you buy an Orvis Heilos II or a Sage one. I've tried both I've been looking at the Lifetime Trout Unlimited deal to where you get the lifetime license and the Sage One Rod and reel for 1200. Has anyone brought this deal

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    Default Re: Heilos or Sage one

    I'd get the Heilos without hesitation if it were between them two. Neither are my kinda rods though.
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    Default Re: Heilos or Sage one

    This should prob be in the fly rod gear section, but anyway...Neither, Scott Radian. If you are already set on one of these 2 I'd go Sage ONE.

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    Default Re: Heilos or Sage one

    I had my heart set on the One, and then I casted the Helios. It casted way easier it was much smoother for me so I ended up buying the Helios, however the Helios 2 is much nicer yet.

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    Default Re: Heilos or Sage one

    Hi guys. Haven't posted on here for awhile. Thought I would give it a try again.

    Sage ONE is so light weight. Put a nice Waterworks or Lamson reel on that bad boy and you've got a rocket ship.

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    Default Re: Heilos or Sage one

    I really like my Sage ONE, but mine is a 3wt and I am partial to Sage.

    Hate to say it, obvious answer is if possible is go wiggle them and see. Quite frankly this is a BMW or Mercedes type of question. If you order the tip flex Helios or Sage ONE they are both a very sensitive fast action rod with great components and warranty.

    I know that's not a ton of help. If it was me and I had a Orvis shop near by I would order the Helios so I have nearby live customer service. If not then its a crapshoot that you cant loose
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    Default Re: Heilos or Sage one

    Yeah, there is no clear answer.

    The TU deal is pretty good!! Plus, you help the cause!~

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    Default Re: Heilos or Sage one

    How long have you been fly fishing? If new, go with best warranty, both are good rods, if experienced (again both rods are great) try both at the fly shops and go with the one that feels the best to you.

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