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Thread: Wet Wading

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    When I wet wade I normally wear board shorts or just normal gym shorts. I wear decently tight fitting non cotton under britches. Keeps me comfortable and keeps the leeches out :O. I normally wait til the water is 60+ before I ditch my waders but I love the freedom of not wearing them and traveling light

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    WOW! Thanks for all of the great information! I will look at Under Armour as well as the silk option. I greatly appreciate everyone's help with this.....this is why I love this site!

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    Quote Originally Posted by plecain View Post
    Nylon underwear and nylon, quick-drying, pants (or shorts).

    Believe it or not, they make "men's" nylon underwear with no opening in them.
    The boxer briefs from ex oficio are the best I've found. They're all I wear now, really handy to have in these hot TX summers too. Won't wear cotton.

    With regards to shorts vs pants, just get convertible zip-offs... Best of both worlds. Ex Oficio, Columbia and North Face all make great ones IMHO.

    One word of caution... Some shorts have cinches on the bottom hem, and they're no good when you have fly line hanging around down there. I have one pair from E.O. That I'm about to cut that darn thing out of
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    Quote Originally Posted by dean_mt View Post
    I'm with jbird. I never wear shorts for fishing, aside from protection from all the scratchy allergens and irritants on the hot summer days damp pants keep you nice and cool. Also sitting in a boat for hours is a great way to burn the ba-geez out of the top of your thighs.

    Almost the same; I use the quick dry travel pant with the zip off legs. Convert to 'shorts' in seconds.

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