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    Default Fishing and binoculars

    I often go fly fishing and see other creatures and so on and I thought how nice it would be to get a little closer look from a safe distance as often here its a moose, deer, bear and so on. Do you carry a pair of binoculars with you when you go fishing and what type would you recommend. I was looking at a higher end pair the EL from Swarovski 10x50 until u stumbled on the Vortex razor HD's 10x50's for about half the price and very small difference in quality.

    I was very much into photography and can tell a difference between quality glass and not more so than average folk. The only difference I found was the discoloration on the edge of an object, which is a very small factor and not worth 2x the price I dont think.
    Let me know what you use before I decide to make a purchase or if I should make the purchase.

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    Default Re: Fishing and binoculars

    Buy both, field test them side by side and send me the set you don't like as much.

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    Default Re: Fishing and binoculars

    I usually keep a small pair if binos in my pack if I am gonna go for all day. Think they are Simmons 10x40? Don't really remember. I have taken my Pentax 10x50s but they are soooo heavy that's why I opted for the smaller type.

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    Default Re: Fishing and binoculars

    Agree on the small 10x40's as the whole thing is the size of a compact camera. Don't usually have them on me but they're in the Jeep if I want same. Only drawback with these is the narrow field of view.

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    Default Re: Fishing and binoculars

    Make sure you get something water and fog proof. I would tend to lean toward something in the mid price range because they may take a beating in your vest/pack.
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    Default Re: Fishing and binoculars

    The Vortex HD bino's are very good for the money, google some birding sites, they always give high marks for the Vortex optics. They also have a no questions asked warranty, run over them with your car, just send them in. I have the Vortex Razor HD spotting scope, good stuff. You likely would be better off with 8 x 42, higher power needs a very steady hold and these will still have good light gathering ability. Also, size wise the 8 x 42 will be much easier to pack.
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    Default Re: Fishing and binoculars

    I carry binoculars with me; a number of years ago I bought my wife the Nikon Travel Lite 8X25 for about 85.00.

    I have had a pair of Zeiss 10X25 B mini's since 1982 and about 2 years back I was watching birds out back with them. Nancy's Nikon 8X25 were handy and I took a look with them. I went back and forth several times and decided that the 85.00 Nikon were about as good as the 385.00 Zeiss. Yes, those Zeiss were 385.00 back in 1982 and never got any cheaper since................

    Long story made shorter, the Zeiss fold up a little smaller but for the money I really like the Nikon Travel Lite. I was so impressed with the Nikon that I sold my full size Steiner 10X50 Military Marine binoculars and replaced them with an 8X40 Nikon Pro Staff rubberized water proof and love them too


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    Default Re: Fishing and binoculars

    I too have a few different optics and for just being out and about an old pair of Pentax 8x25 are my favorite. I have a pair of 10x28 Swarovski that, like Ard's Zeis minis aren't any better. I still have my Steiner 10x50 Ralley wide angle and a pair of Garrett 15x70 for star gazing -but the Pentax get the most use. Otherwise the telephoto on the camera gets a workout too (sometimes just for viewing and not taking the shot).


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    Default Re: Fishing and binoculars

    I have been using these for awhile and they meet my needs for several different purposes...

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    Default Re: Fishing and binoculars

    Being a surf rat binoculars have always been a part of my gear on the beach. So important during the fall run to spot birds diving and blitzes from a distance and what direction they are moving in to be able to intercept the schools! I use a old pair of Bushnells which I keep hanging from my neck and tuck into my wading jacket . Been doing it for so many years don't even notice that I have them on anymore!
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