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Thread: Furled leaders - pros & cons. any1 use them?

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    Default Re: Furled leaders - pros & cons. any1 use them?

    Set up

    That is how you catch fish, trap fur bearers, kill deer,,and about all success in the outdoors depends on those there functions. Equipment comes in far below that. Hunt till you find the fish,,,can't catch what isnt there,,reading water is the best knowledge you can have. I can hold my own with most on a stream but my catch rate drops in a lake. But I spend 80 percent of my time probably fishing streams. So, I know that type of water by instinct and training.
    Set just dont walk up and shoot a gobbler,,,,and you just dont stumble over thur the stream and catch fish. Stealth, break your outline, put all the 'edges' in your favor BEFORE you even consider casting.
    Presentation,,,important. Don't fine tune the other then put out a cast that is train wreck,,,,one that goes in a bush and you have to make more motion than a circus getting out of that mess. Or undue rod waving, or two low and too hard of a cast (esp dry flies) that smacks your dry on the water till it makes ripples. Pause, get in the grove mentally, then show them your cards.

    Those three things aren't magic,,mostly,, they will come by just not being in too big of a hurry to cast that you forget to 'think.'

    Gear,,,I love gear but I'm average,,I'm not loaded with dollars. I try to have decent gear, I'll ponder on a rod for months before I pull the trigger on it. I do not have the best rods, but I have good rods. My other gear,,wading, tackle, sunglasses,,etc,,,are decent things,,,buit not the best. Hell, I use a cut hickory staff I get from out back of the house for my 'wading staff.'

    Now here is why gear comes forth,,,at least down to forth,,,,you can have all the best gear,,screw up one or more of the first three,,,and you will only have hiked in to cool off in the stream. Even 5 year olds with a push button Zebco can catch fish if they have someone to help them somewhat execute the first three steps.

    And Mojo...if you get attacked by a herd of long legged wimmen you mentioned,,,get in contact with me, I'll do my best to fight some of'em off for ya,,even if it means getting physical with them. No need to thank me, I'm just that kinda guy...
    I find my meal by finding my meal's meal.

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    Default Re: Furled leaders - pros & cons. any1 use them?

    Stealth and finding the fish you hope to catch are what it is about, Fly Guy, no doubt.

    And, William, you are wise to suggest that we all fall into a spectrum of involvement...true in all aspects of life, I think. And I am the type that is all in; fly fishing is no casual hobby for me, it is a way of life! That does not mean I catch more fish than anyone else...often fewer due to self imposed restrictions (like I won't fish trout while eggs are in the redds). I see many fish rising that I choose not to cast to for one whacky reason or another.

    S curves instead of modulated amplitudes? Every writer needs an editor.

    I do enjoy getting into the subjects, often raised by others, on our Forum and, not only do I write long posts but am frequently inspired to do a little research and fact checking on the side helping me expand my own understanding. And so it is that I have developed a serious interest in Furled Leaders, how they work and can they be optimized for my particular style of (admittedly technical) presentation.


    Joni and all with depth of experience with Furled Leaders, Should you choose to, with a #4 or 5-weight trout outfit, can you cast a Furled Leader with long tippet straight as an arrow? How do you decide what butt thickness leader goes with which size fly line? Thank you, S&S

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  5. Default Re: Furled leaders - pros & cons. any1 use them?

    As in all other situations, we do pick the best to cover multi situations. What butt thickness is a good point. Seeing that I use many different 5 wts or 4 wts, no I do not assign a special leader for each rod. I pick one that will perform with flies of choice and of course wind which we do have to deal with. My leaders for dries are more light and supple with some nylon in the butt to allow those LONG tippet casts, which I did this morning for an hour. Even in the wind, although drifted to the left because of the wind, it was straight. By adjusting and casting more to the right, I was placing that fly in the catch zone.
    When I make leaders for people, I ask them what they intend to use them for and try to accommodate the best I can in a multi tasking leader. One that I try and use.

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