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  1. Default Furled leaders - pros & cons. any1 use them?

    Bought a few today

    Some dry & some wet

    Anyone got good or bad experiences with them?

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    Default Re: Furled leaders - pros & cons. any1 use them?

    I've got a bunch of them,5 1/2 ft,7 1/2 ft,9 ft and 12 ft.Some are from Orvis and some from Cutthroat.I like the Orvis better,although they dont have them on-line anymore,I did find some in their NYC store.The Orvis float better than the Cutthroat,found I had to grease them with floatant more often.I was using a liquid Loon floatant,this season I'm trying some paste I got from Cutthroat.The best thing about the braided leader is that they dont curl like mono and seem to cast and turn over easier.With my little 6' 2wt I can cast a 12 leader with 2-3' of tippet using only a couple feet of line past the tip,making short 12 to 15' casts using mostly leader.

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    Default Re: Furled leaders - pros & cons. any1 use them?

    I tried a couple from Cabelas last year. They were green braid and worked pretty good. I purchased a 3wt and a 5wt. I'm not sure if they still sell them?

    Joni, on this site, ties them (and her's have a tippet ring on the tippet side and a loop on the fly side) That would probably be the ultimate?

    I'll have to order a couple for this year. No twist or coil problems at all!

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    Default Re: Furled leaders - pros & cons. any1 use them?

    I make my own and sell a few on the side. I'm 70 years old and totally retired, so I have very little dog in this hunt.

    First, furled leaders made of mono totally destroy the purpose of a furled leader. I would only consider them if made from unithread.


    Zero memory. I can pull one out of my leader wallet that has been there for four years, uncoil it, and it drops straight as an arrow.

    Completely limp. Even at the butt. Exactly what you want for spring creeks and their micro currents.

    Long lasting. I'm starting on my third season on the one on my reel. But ONLY if it has a tiny metal ring on the tippet end.

    Turns over better than mono.

    Dirt cheap to make. 30 cents worth of materials in each.


    Must apply floatant in the morning if fishing drys all day.

    Wind knots are tough to untie on the stream. Because they are so limp you can't push on the leader to work out a knot. If I get a wind knot in my leader, I put on a new one. When I get home, I get out a couple of fine needles and carefully pull the knot apart. Good as new, no memory.


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    Default Re: Furled leaders - pros & cons. any1 use them?

    I have matched pairs of dry fly leaders for 3-4wt , matched pair of HI vis nymph leaders for a 4-6wt and a heavy nymph one all from Cutthroat Leaders

    Have only used the dry fly one so far, it has magical mystical powers over my 7x tippet and size 20bwo. Lays them out so nice and soft it is hard to believe.
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    Default Re: Furled leaders - pros & cons. any1 use them?

    Not much to add to the above except to say I'm not going back to tapered mono. Only time I use something other than unithread furled leaders is when I use a short, straight section for streamers.
    - William

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    Default Re: Furled leaders - pros & cons. any1 use them?

    Nothing else I've seen turns over better than furled leaders. I'm planning on getting some more from the guys at Cutthroat at the upcoming expo.
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    Default Re: Furled leaders - pros & cons. any1 use them?

    Like fishnskiguy I make my own furled leaders. I sell some & use them exclusively . I've used them in both the salt & fresh water for trout, salmon, bass, blues etc. I make them out of various materials also for different needs.
    I do like mono leaders. I make them with Cortland Camo extra soft 2# test for trout fishing with my bamboo rods & they not only turn over well but also function we'll as a shock leader. I settled on a leader of 66" long for trout & I can add another 5ft or so of tippet if I want. I usually, but not always put a 3mm tippet ring on them but I find it unnessary as a loop on the tippet to the shorb loop on the leader works well. Good luck with your leaders

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    Default Re: Furled leaders - pros & cons. any1 use them?

    I even use them on my light 2hander rods (3 - 6wt) and they work a treat. Only thing to keep in mind a furl on a 2hander will be far heavier than that for a single hand rod. General 'Rule of the Thumb' is a 4wt 2hander will require a furl rated for a 6wt single hander. Or just contact Joni (and others) and have them 'custom build' what you need for this application.
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    Default Re: Furled leaders - pros & cons. any1 use them?

    I have been using furled leaders for years and cannot remember the last time I used a straight mono leader. I absolutely agree with most of the comments: furled leaders are completely limp, turn over better than mono, are long lasting (I have been using a couple of furled leaders for more than 2 years), and are best with tippet rings (makes changing tippet a breeze). I use mostly 5ft leaders for trout, but will go up to a 6ft or 7ft depending on conditions.

    You can get furled leaders in many materials that work very well. I have been using furled leaders made out of spider wire - this results in a very thin leader that is absolutely "uber" strong, and the spider wire material is self-floating - never have to add any paste/floatant, even when fishing all day. Of course spider wire is not a good choice for a sinking line, try a fluoro furled leader for deep streamer fishing.

    Lastly wind knots - like fishnskiguy said, they are harder to get undone since the furled leader is so limp that you cannot "push" to get the knot loose. However, I undo wind knots from furled leaders right on the stream in just a few seconds by carrying and using a pair of Rocky Mountain T-PIKs. These little knot-pickers are cheap and easy to use - can be bought on ebay or direct from the manufacturer in Montana (t4products). I have no financial interest in this company, I just like their cheap little tool for getting knots out of any leader, especially the furled leaders.

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