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    Default Explain what this flyfisher is doing

    In this video at around 6:05, why the rod so high in the air? Is it just to keep line off the water so as not to get drag or is it something else?

    [ame=]Fly fishing Big Thompson River - YouTube[/ame]

    Virtually all of my trout fishing has been on easy-going spring creeks and still waters. My only exception was on the Big Thompson and I saw several people doing this.

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    Default Re: Explain what this flyfisher is doing

    Yes, you are correct in your assumption. This is referred to as "high sticking." Simply, there are some instances where the drift is too short or the water between where you are fishing is too fast to make mending worthwhile or effective, and keeping your line off the water and following the drift is enough to eliminate drag. Especially useful on smaller streams.

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    Default Re: Explain what this flyfisher is doing

    She's keeping as much line as possible off the water to get a drag free drift for as long as she can. The more line on the water, the more the line and the fly are affected by drag caused by varying currents, which is sure to turn off the fish.
    ....Just one more cast...

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    Default Re: Explain what this flyfisher is doing

    Thanks, guys.

    I'd wondered what high sticking was, and suspected this was it.

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