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    Default "Don't let me down"

    I'm all set to go!

    My 8wt is ready for smallmouths (only a couple weeks until it starts in the Susquehanna) And lots of lead eye Woolybuggers in black and olive.

    My 3wt is ready for the Yellow Breeches (already stocked in the C&R area a couple days ago) 10" of snow tomorrow, but that won't last too long .... after all, it's March already!

    My 5wt and 6wt are all set to go with sink tip and fast sink lines.

    My 9wt is ready for the striper surf run. Med sink Striper line?

    My new felt bottom boots, and fly tying stuff, should arrive here in a couple days.

    I went on and on about spin fishing (what can I say, I like to post?), but I'm going all out with fly fishing this year! I've got my confidence up, so please fly rod ..... "Don't let me down"

    [ame=]The Beatles - Don't let me Down/ Rooftop - YouTube[/ame]

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    Default Re: "Don't let me down"

    My spinning gear hasn't been touched in years... Actually recently went through all my gear and sold off most of it on the auction site... Someone ended up with a big mess of lures in a small box... Makes me wonder how much of a pita that all was for the "lucky" winner....

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    Default Re: "Don't let me down"

    I hope you are right. I am finding it difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel when there is 26" of snow out my window and it is 19*.

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