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Thread: Dry Fly Prep???

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    Default Dry Fly Prep???

    Maybe this question is stupid beyond belief, but:

    Should fly dressing be applied to a new fly before it's first use?

    I've searched and can't seem to find a concrete answer. Lots of advice for after the fly is wet, but not many references to new fly prep. (I'll assume some people apply it when tying the fly, and some don't.)

    Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: Dry Fly Prep???

    Not stupid at all. It's not something that's necessarily intuitively obvious.

    Yes, you should apply dressing to a new dry fly before you use it. And you'll need to refresh that dressing periodically as you fish it. It's not a one-time thing. The water will wash it off. And catching fish, especially, will quickly make a fly less than float-worthy - at which point you need to clean and re-dress it.

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    Default Re: Dry Fly Prep???

    Thanks Jeff, appreciate it!

    Last night was an example when I was fishing with a #16 Mosquito. First few casts and the fly was sitting up nice and high, even on less than perfect casts. After a few casts, I was having more and more trouble getting it to stay afloat, and when it did, a short strip would sink it. After the first hook-up, it wanted to sink as soon as it landed. I was thinking that new flies should stay dry longer than that, but didn't know for sure.

    Thanks again.


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    Default Re: Dry Fly Prep???

    Hi jamieof,

    My first dressing is added at the bench. I dip all dry flies into Hydrostop right after tying.


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    Default Re: Dry Fly Prep???

    Hi Jamie,I use these products for my fast water flies after tying them...not as efficient as advertised but ...not bad

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    Default Re: Dry Fly Prep???

    Water Shed, in particular, specifically advises that it be used on a fly at least 24 hours before the fly is to be used. While not limited to new flies, it is obviously made to be used on the fly tying bench on newly-tied dry flies.
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    Default Re: Dry Fly Prep???

    After reading this thread I'm going to get some Hydrostop. Just makes sense to me. I've been greasing my flies at streamside then using the powder for re-aps.
    This subject came up at one of our past tying sessions. One person mentioned trying Scotch Guard ???? It was sorta dropped but I'm curious.

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