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  1. Default Patagonia Convertible Vest

    Posted this in the gear section with no luck...anyone checked one out?

    Does anyone have one? Was looking into a check pack with a backpack on the back when I stumbled across this vest. I really like the looks of it and I think it would fit what I am wanting it for, but just wanted to hear opinions on it. Not a bad looking vest for $70!



  2. Default Re: Patagonia Convertible Vest

    No one has used one or checked one out?

    I am trying to weigh the differences in getting this vs. the Cabelas Deluxe chest pack that is on sale right now for $20...

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    Default Re: Patagonia Convertible Vest

    You are comparing apples to oranges. The Cabelas chest pack converts to a lumbar pack. The Patagonia converable vest means a vest that can be attached to one of three different back packs.
    Are you looking for a vest, or a chest pack ? If you have never used a chest pack, and wanted to try one, just to see if you like it, the Cabela's has a lot of nice features for the money. If you decided you didn't like it, you are only out $20, and could still resell it here.
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    Default Re: Patagonia Convertible Vest

    I have a buddy who has an older model of the Patagaonia vest / pack and he likes it. Patagonia certainly makes top quality stuff and I wouldn't hesitate to buy any of their stuff if it was what I needed / wanted.

    However, everyone has different tastes in vests and packs. I prefer a hip pack where things can be slid behind me and out of the way and where the weight is carried on my hips for less back ache.

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    I guess I missed that is doesn't have a built-in backpack. It is made to be worn as a normal vest or can have the pack added. I am getting the Cabelas chest pack regardless, but wondered if this would be a good one to get later on. That way if I would go on a long pack or plan on being on the river for an extended period I could throw it onto the backpack and be ready to roll!


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