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Thread: Great Chance to Hold a World Record!....

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    Default Great Chance to Hold a World Record!....

    The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) as of April 1st will be splitting up their Freshwater Line Class & Fly Rod records into both male and female catagories just like the saltwater records.

    What that means is (and considering most records are held by males), every FW-LC/FR record held by a woman will be made vacant and open in the men's group, yet with even more opportunities every record a man holds will be open in the female catagory!

    Understand as well, though some records are made to be broken (like submitting a 1lb.-3oz. Largemouth Bass for a 20# line class), know that some of these records have held for some time, and it takes someone actually going through the process to submit the record. So for all intents and purposes your large yet by no means biggest of the species catch might last for decades even.

    For the full article look here: IGFA | IGFA Expands Freshwater Record Program

    That said, the IGFA is an organization I cannot speak highly enough about. Initially based out of the U.S. Museum of Natural History, they utilize the collection of record data simply as one of their many research tools and to promote ethical, educated fisheries information, and protect sport-fisherman's interests.

    As I have stated elsewhere:
    "Conservation based focussed upon protecting sport fishing interests, since 1939 the IGFA has been a primary focal point for sport-fishing record keeping, scientific research and commercial fishing data. Due to their vast statistical resources, the IGFA works as a recreational angler representative and advocate among sporting, commercial, scientific and governmental organizations and is consulted on 6 continents, in 140 countries and territories, and by 44 International Regional Fishing Bodies, including the United Nations."

    Unlike many organizations that seek to fill a select fews already silver lined pockets with even more money, the IGFA really is about conservation, research, and improving our opportunities at recreational fishing by even helping to control commercial fishing practices.

    The IGFA truly is worth looking into...


    -To conserve and protect our sporting outdoor heritage
    ----through responsible wildlife and natural resource
    ---------stewardship, and educated ethical use.

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    Default Re: Great Chance to Hold a World Record!....

    Though I hope and believe what most of us do has absolutely nothing to do with seeking records and accolades, I dare say there are few that would not be thrilled with making a record catch. In kind as private and personal as we might like to humbly treasure our accomplishments, knowing for certain that you have accomplished something few ever will or even attempt does have value to most no matter how inward or outwardly we allow it to be recognized.

    As I mentioned above, in just three short days men will have some great opportunities at setting the bar for others to hopefully follow and personally I like to hope exceed. The real accomplishment with this record split however it the opportunity to bring more women into this fulfilling activity.

    Though just a "guess", I would suspect that 90-95% of the various freshwater line class & tippet records are held by men. Conversely that translates to 90-95% of those same classes will now be wide-open/vacant for women!

    Recently here there was a thread entitled "Fishing Chicks" where we all discussed our gal who gets out fishing with us or alone, and I'd bet for every one of us who told of our gal, ten of us had nothing to contribute in that our gal doesn't fish, or perhaps even tried it, yet never kept up with it.

    It's one thing to catch a fish, and for many that is more than reward enough. For others though a bit of recognition goes a long way toward turning just giving something a try into something they will try again and again at in that there is a goal or possible reward past personal satisfaction.

    No judgements here............If it gets someones butt off the couch and outdoors then it is a good thing no matter their reason.

    More then that, the more times they are out there, the more times they feel the anticipation as their fly lites on the water, and the more times they feel the pull of a fish.......That gives them just one more opportunity to pause and realize the wonder and majesty of the outdoors.

    In the end it is NOT about catching fish, let alone the biggest one. It's about toughing it out long enough that suddenly you're struck with so much awe you dont even cast. Finding that inner peace that makes it "all good."

    ......and i don't know about you, yet when my gal is happy with herself and her life at the moment, my life gets a whole lot better.

    If chasing a record will give her more chances to find that inner place I do when I'm fishing, well my question then becomes, "which record do you want to go for first."

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    -To conserve and protect our sporting outdoor heritage
    ----through responsible wildlife and natural resource
    ---------stewardship, and educated ethical use.

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    Default Re: Great Chance to Hold a World Record!....

    I remember when the line class records became available... there was a mad rush to fill in all the vacant categories. It was a great way to get more anglers interested in fishing with lighter tackle, and the IGFA. Everyone benefited from the change. My grand daughter is going to love this.

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