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Thread: How to set up streamers for various creeks?

  1. Default How to set up streamers for various creeks?

    Little help needed since i fish different streams for trout with various conditions

    1. Small stream, 6 feet wide, depths of 1-2 feet can i even use streamers in small streams? What type of leader size weight? Tippet? How to present the streamer?

    2. Medium stream, 15 feet wide, depths of 4-6 feet. What type of leader size, weight? How to present the streamer?

    3. Big stream, 30 feet wide, depths of 7-10 feet. What type of leader size, weight? Should i add a split shot, & if so where put it?

    4. What colors to use & when? Bright day, bright streamer? I heard that once but dont know if true

    Thanx for any help

  2. Default Re: How to set up streamers for various creeks?

    I use 9 foot leader most of the time, smaller streams are hard to fish with streamers unless your going to dead drift them. The only thing I do different when fishing mid size water to bigger streams is I might add more weight. No matter how big the stream I still fish the same. The fish still like to hang out next to riffles and near cover. Your basic fishing is the same. I'm not used to fishing large streams so it can feel different. I got to remind myself I can't cover all the water and break it down into small sections. Hope that helps.

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    Default Re: How to set up streamers for various creeks?

    I don't have a ton of experience but I had good luck fishing down and across and strip upstream in the small to medium stream that I fish.......a lot of the takes were at the end of the swing but I kept contact throughout and had hookups at various points. I used a bead head most of the time. I didn't feel like I needed to get to the bottom as streamers imitate bait fish which swim in the mid current mostly, I think. I did the light/light and dark/dark but that didn't always work......sometime the opposite did though.

    I also had decent luck fishing up stream and stripping just fast enough to keep a tight line.

    I'm sure someone with a lot more experience will chime in and advise you.

    Tight lines,

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