Heres the deal. I am looking for a couple fishing partners for a DIY trip down to argentina. I have already spent over a month by myself driving across argentina and fishing many of the rivers we all dream about. When I was down there I got wind of a lake that almost seemed to good to be true. Rainbows that will hit any fly ranging from 8-20lbs and catching 10-20 a day. This almost seemed ridiculous to me, but after some research I indeed found out it was true. This lake is basically in the middle or the middle or of the middle of nowhere and it requires over a hour or 4x4 driving to even get to it and then another hour walk. No hotels, no nothing anywhere. All gear and food will need to be packed in. This lake is currently only being fished by one outfitter and multiple locals. Argentina is extremely tough to fish DIY the way it is, but this brings it to a whole new level. PERFECT!!! I know the area and speak enough spanish to get by. I am looking for a couple guys to accompany me on this trip to lower the cost for everyone. This just came up for me, and is very last minute as I plan on going in the next month sometime. I am very flexible. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for whoever comes on this with me. I usually would rather go with my buddies on this, but everyone is tied down with jobs, and family right now and cant do it. If you are interested or think you could swing it let me know. DO NOT EMAIL ME ABOUT INFORMATION ABOUT THIS OPPORTUNITY UNLESS YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT GOING. I AM NOT LOOKING TO WASTE TIME BULL ****TING ON THE PHONE ABOUT MY EXPERIENCES IN ARGENTINA. I AM LOOKING FOR SOME SERIOUS FISHERMAN THAT WANT THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME IN A DO IT YOURSELF TYPE EXPERIENCE.