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Thanks Ducker, that's very generous of you. Not sure if there are many going to the expo though.
Still a few weeks before the show, maybe more members will pop in to let us know, it would be nice to meet other members personally so we could put a voice and a face to the post.

Just looked at the venue for the Expo.
Joni, that is a buttload of tyers on the schedule, how long are each of you required to tie?

Also seen that Dave & Emily Whitlock are going to be there, if any of you are fortunate to see him tie, you are in for a real treat!!
Seen him tie one year in Denver(FTD show)the man is truly an amazing tier, streamers and deer hair bugs.

Normally it is like 3 to 4 hours, but some how I got double booked with a back to back, so I will be there most of Friday.
I have family there and my sisters birthday is a couple of weeks later so I want to spoil her a little while there, but I also want to FISH for s few hours Saturday. Thinking one of the close power plants. Caught some KICK A$$ Brown there a couple of years ago.

I have no problem fishing for DINKS also, I just use my 2 weight and it feels like a whopper, LOL
I will be tying various patterns but my specialty is #30 and #32, also my Gartside Softhackles and the Gurglers. But I am also going to tie the DROP BEAD nymph.