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Thread: The Glasser Trial (TR)

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    Default The Glasser Trial (TR)

    Mojo's TFM post reminded me...

    I'd been wanting to try out out the whole vintage glass thing for a while now. I found a rod for the price of a good twelve pack and headed out to the local trickle in pursuit of pickles.

    New school meets old school

    Caught a Rio Grande Perch worth two pics

    Learned that sunfish spawn is still pending

    Badly captured a RGP in its element

    And wrapped up the day with another decent sunfish

    Woulda taken more pics, but I was enjoying the whiskey sour I froze in a bike bottle and toted along too much.

    Caught about 35, and got to watch most of the eats.

    That'll do.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Hey Cliff

    It sure looks like you had a good time. I don't know much about the old glass rods, I do have one that was my dad's. I used it out west for a week once found this beaver pond and the game was one, what a blast...

    OK, now as far as the whiskey sours go (LOL) man it has been many years but as I recall they need to be really cold....and can do a number on you in the heat!


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    Default Re: The Glasser Trial (TR)

    BigCliff: Great looking photos and fish! Looks like you had a grand time with tha old glass rod. You be carefull with that whiskey sour drink!


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    Default Re: The Glasser Trial (TR)

    Your glass rod looks great!Makes me feel like buying onethe rio grande perch is beautiful!

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    Default Re: The Glasser Trial (TR)

    There certainly is something about using old school tools in an activity that adds something....well.....more to the experience. I do love my old Finwick. Great sounding day and pictures.

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    Default Re: The Glasser Trial (TR)

    Nice Cliff. Thanks for sharing those.
    Got a newb question. What knot are you using in the first RGP picture to tie your fly that leaves the loop? I like that knot or more the thought that the fly is going to stay in line with the tippet.

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